The Sif-Alulan process was a mechanism used in the pulse-wave blasters of the Waymancy Hollow. It was developed by the Sisters of the Machinesmith during the Subterra Period. It was so named by the Galactic Republic after large numbers of weapons using the process were recovered from Sif-Alula during the Waymancy Storm.

Waymancy weapons using the process were vastly more powerful than any contemporary Republic weapon, and it was only after the Republic reverse-engineered the process in a shipyard in the Axum system that they were able to employ similar weapons and win the war. Following the Waymancy Storm, Verpine master crafter Lyns Skutroo further improved the Sif-Alulan process to develop the squintpipe process. As a result of Skutroo's efforts, rapid-firing turbolasers became prevalent in defenses across the galaxy.


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