"Since the attack on the Queen Mother, SigTel has been picking up a lot of comm traffic between the Anakin Solo and the Deserving Gem."
Trista Zel[src]

SigTel was the Signals Intelligence communications division of the Hapan Royal Navy of the Hapes Consortium. In 41 ABY, they played a vital role in the Battle of Uroro Station, which marked the end of the Second Galactic Civil War.


Battle of Shedu MaadEdit

In the confusion that followed a nanovirus attack on the Hapan royal flagship Dragon Queen, a conspiracy developed involving the Moff Council of the Imperial Remnant, and the Hapan commanders defending the planet Shedu Maad itself.

The Moffs, who were directing the battle from the Galactic Alliance command ship Anakin Solo, made contact with Ducha Requud, leading the Hapan forces in orbit from her flagship Deserving Gem. Requud was apparently ready to turn against the Jedi Coalition, and to make a bid for the throne, with Imperial support.

The conspiracy also extended to the Hapan commander on the surface of Shedu Maad, General Livette, who allowed an Imperial strike-team to land and attack the Jedi base on the planet.

The conspiracy was foiled when SigTel officers detected the series of transmissions between the two flagships. Although it is not clear whether they were able to decipher the messages, they correctly inferred the implications of the contact. Hapan Security were promptly notified.

As a result, loyalist agents aboard the Deserving Gem removed Requud, while Hapan Security agents Taryn and Trista Zel prevented General Livette from making any further moves in support of the Imperials on Shedu Maad itself.


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