"Media examines every media message in the Galaxy. We handle everything else so they can have the easy stuff."
―Signal saying[src]

Signal was a branch of Imperial Intelligence's Analysis Bureau. Signal monitored the communications channel through which messages were transmitted. They were responsible for sampling and checking the carrierwave codes and CompLink protocols, sca rates on scandocs, and holo imagepacks to see if any other information was being hidden and sent in the data stream. Signal analysts searched through line noise to see if patterns were present, or that to determine if backup information in broadcasts matched the primary information. Signal occasionally overreached, finding nonexistent patterns while using sophisticated techniques. Signal's major success was learning that Leia Organa had acquired the Death Star plans by analysing the unshielded Extremely Low Energy Level transmissions from the Tantive IV.[1] One of Signal's other duties was to decode hyperspace transmissions intercepted by Imperial ships.[2]


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