"Signal from Sector Six" is the seventh episode of the first season of the animated television series Star Wars Resistance. The episode premiered on November 11, 2018.[1]

Official description[]

When out on a routine training exercise, a distress signal sends Kaz and Poe to a damaged ship with strange lifeforms onboard.[1]

Plot summary[]

An early start[]

The episode opens with a panoramic view of the Colossus at dawn. As Kazuda Xiono is sleeping, Jarek Yeager and R1-J5 ("Bucket") approach him to wake him up. Kaz mumbles a request for five more minutes before rolling over, and Yeager nods. Bucket sounds an alarm, causing Kaz to tumble out of bed and hit the floor. Tam Ryvora mockingly wishes him good morning and quips that he looks well rested. Kaz responds that he is not even 20 percent awake right now.

When Tam asks where Yeager and Kaz are going, Yeager says that the kid has a salvaging job off-platform, and a full day's work ahead of him. Tam responds that she didn't see that on the work list. A drowsy Kaz walks to the kitchen and presses a button on the drink dispenser impatiently to get caf. He asks why BB-8, rolling around his feet, is so excited when the sun isn't even up yet. Kaz remarks that the machine is broken again. Just then, Tam walks up and pushes him aside, pressing the correct button. Kaz thanks her, only for Tam to take the caf for herself. Kaz and BB-8 follow Yeager aboard a Star Commuter 2000. As Yeager starts the ship, a drowsy Kaz asks if he told him where they are going. Yeager says he didn't, and Kaz says that's great, with a request for Yeager to "wake me up when we get to wherever we are going."

A pleasant surprise[]

The shuttle flies into the skies of Castilon while Kaz dozes on a row of seats in the passenger compartment. As the sun rises, he yawns and wakes up properly. In mid-air, Kaz asks what is going on and where they are headed. Yeager responds that he asks too many questions, and tells him that sometimes you have to let yourself be surprised.

Just then, Kaz's mentor Poe Dameron appears in a white T-70 X-wing starfighter in front of the Star Commuter shuttle. Kaz is amazed to see Poe, while BB-8 beeps in delight. Poe asks BB-8 how he is doing and if the droid missed him. Kaz thinks that Poe is talking to him, until Poe clarifies that he's talking to the droid. BB-8 beeps.

As the T-70 flies beside the Star Commuter, Kaz asks Yeager what Poe is doing here, wondering if he is in trouble. Yeager says "Not yet, anyway," and explains Poe thought it would be best to talk to Kaz about his assignment offworld. Kaz says okay, and asks if they are docking anywhere. Yeager says not, because they have to keep a low profile and they can't take the risk of having an X-wing parked on the Colossus platform.

Poe tells Kaz that because his mission has been going so well, he brought him something. Kaz asks what it is, and if it's for BB-8. Poe reassures Kaz that it is for him. Yeager opens the shuttle's door to reveal another Resistance T-70 X-wing. Poe tells him that the Resistance might not have the best starfighters, but what they have works well enough. Kaz thanks Poe and asks how he is going to get into the fighter.

Poe asks Kaz if the New Republic Navy taught him how to jump from the air. Kaz says they taught him in theory. Poe tells him it's time to put that theory into practice, and orders the X-wing's BB unit, CB-23, to keep the ship steady. CB-23 beeps obediently while Kaz tries to jump off the plank, but has an attack of nerves. BB-8 rolls up behind Kaz and pushes him off, knocking him into the fighter's cockpit.

Fun and games in space[]

Kaz says that it wasn't so bad as he dons his helmet. He greets CB-23, who whistles that she would rather be flying with Poe. Poe tells Kaz not to mind CB-23 because she is a little particular. Poe then positions his X-wing under the Star Commuter shuttle, allowing BB-8 to jump into the ship's astromech socket. Poe is delighted to see BB-8, and says he misses him. He asks if he has been keeping Kaz out of trouble.

When Poe asks Kaz if he is ready, Kaz says Poe has no idea how much he has been needing to fly. As the two fly into space, Poe asks about his report that Captain Imanuel Doza was going to make a deal with the First Order. Kaz says that they want to take over the Colossus, but that he has no idea why or what's in it for them. Poe tells him to keep digging, because the First Order is up to something. Kaz finishes that if they don't stop it, there won't be a Resistance.

Kaz says that he's tried his best, but he wasn't trained as a spy, only a pilot. Poe tells him not to worry, because he's on the right track and doing great. Kaz says that he appreciates Poe coming all this way to talk to him, but asks why he didn't just send a transmission. Poe explains that transmissions can be intercepted. Besides, he thinks that Kaz can stretch his wings a bit.

Poe decides to take Kaz on a fun flight through an asteroid field. He shows Kaz a "backward tail slide," which involves engaging the stabilizers and throttles, and pulling back on the stick. Kaz boasts he can do that in his sleep, but scrapes his starfighter against an asteroid. Kaz sighs that he was going too fast and didn't give himself time to arc.

Kaz makes a second attempt, but scrapes the rear end of the X-wing again. CB-23 grumbles. Poe tells Kaz that he is trying too hard, and to stop thinking about it. Before Kaz can make a second attempt, he picks up a distress signal. Poe says that the signal is coming from sector six, which is not too far away. Poe says it looks like the fun is over, and that they have got to go and investigate. Kaz responds that he's right beside him.

Trouble in Sector Six[]

Arriving at the coordinates in sector six, Poe spots a wrecked Darius G-class freighter, which appears to have been the target of a pirate raid "gone bad." Kaz spots a pirate ship still docked to the freighter, while the other one is obliterated. BB-8 reports that life signs indicate several survivors. Poe says he hopes they are not the bad guys, and tells Kaz that there is a docking ring on the other side.

Kaz admits he didn't realize that the Resistance fought pirates. Poe says that there are lots of dangers out there in the galaxy, and that they help people in need. He tells Kaz to keep his eyes open. After docking their ships, the two enter the ship's corridor. Kaz calls for anyone onboard, but gets no response. Poe asks BB-8 to lead them to the life signs. They are also accompanied by CB-23. Kaz asks Poe what kind of treasures the pirates were after and whether it was gold, mythra or spice. Discovering cages, Poe realizes that the ship was carrying live cargo and that they were either taken or escaped.

CB-23 argues with BB-8 and bumps into him. Poe tells her not to be stuck up, because BB-8 is trying to be helpful. CB-23 storms off ahead while Poe reassures BB-8 that he is not going to replace him. He tells BB-8 that CB-23 is just on loan from the Resistance until he gets him back. They then hear a roar which stops CB-23 in her tracks. Kaz asks what that was and Poe suggests they find out. The four navigate through the corridors to the source of the noise.

Poe asks if there are any life signs coming this way, as they hear something making heavy footfalls. The Resistance operatives see two alien pirates being grabbed by giant hands. They hear screams as the pirates are devoured. Kaz is horrified that the creature ate the pirates, but Poe responds "Better them than us." Kaz asks what the creature was, but Poe says he doesn't think they want to find out. When Kaz asks Poe to guess what it was, Poe speculates it could have been a gundark, reek or rathtar.

Monkey trouble[]

Poe leads them down another corridor and tells BB-8 to keep track of other life signs. He says that they still have to find the crew. When Kaz asks if that "thing" ate the crew, Poe counters that that's negative thinking. He tells Kaz to never think the worst case scenario. Something moves in the dark before them. Poe says he saw something, while BB-8 ventures forward.

Kaz asks what that is, but Poe shushes him and tells him to listen. Something scurries around them. Just then, a small creature leaps on top of CB-23 before jumping off. As they approach a corridor, a Kowakian monkey-lizard jumps out of the maintenance hatch above and lands on Kaz. Kaz struggles with the monkey-lizard, and Poe manages to drive it away by firing his blaster.

Poe asks if Kaz is okay. Kaz says he is fine, despite almost losing a couple of his fingers. When Kaz asks what that thing was, Poe tells him that it was a Kowakian monkey-lizard. He says that they are the biggest pain on this side of the galaxy, and that he hates them. They enter another corridor, and BB-8 reports another possible humanoid life reading.

When Kaz asks how faint, Poe says that whoever it is could be hurt. As they approach a hatch, the group are attacked by Kowakian monkey-lizards who spray foam at them. One of the creatures steals Poe's blaster and leads Poe on a chase. Kaz is attacked by another monkey-lizard who grabs his face. Poe chases the other monkey-lizard, who is firing his blaster.

Search and rescue[]

Poe hurls a crate at the monkey-lizard but misses. He manages to recover his blaster, and says that he hates monkeys. Meanwhile, Kaz manages to throw off the second monkey-lizard, which had been slamming his head repeatedly. The monkey-lizard returns and steals his flashlight. Kaz asks where Poe, BB-8, and CB-23 are.

He then hears a roar and retreats forward, only to trip over BB-8. He finds the droids tangling with two monkey-lizards. One grabs CB-23's head, but BB-8 managed to remove the creature by spinning it with its appendage. The second monkey-lizard lands on Kaz, just as he has extricated himself from the first. CB-23 tells BB-8 she appreciates his help.

Kaz says he is glad the droids are getting along, but asks for their help. BB-8 manages to sting one of the monkey-lizards with his shock-prod. At this point, Poe arrives and fires at the ceiling to scare the monkey-lizards away, and a dead one drops from the ceiling. This drives away the remaining ones. Poe says that he hates those things, and asks BB-8 if he has seen any signs of that humanoid life form. BB-8 beeps, while Kaz says to find this person before the giant monster does.

The Resistance team ventures deeper into the ship. CB-23 is able to trace the source of the life scans to a storage compartment. Inside a crate, they find an unconscious female Mirialan, unbeknownst to Kaz and Poe the pirate Synara San. Kaz wonders if she is part of the transport crew, and speculates that she locked herself in here to escape that thing. Poe finds that her pulse is weak but says that she is still alive.

A narrow escape[]

The group then hears a roar. Kaz asks what they should do, and Poe says that they will get her out of here. Poe leads the group with a flashlight and blaster, while Kaz carries the Mirialan on his shoulders. They sense movement coming from down the hallway, past a partially closed door. Kaz thinks it's just a monkey-lizard, but the group backs away as a giant pair of hands and a monstrous head emerges from the door. The creature turns out to be a giant Kowakian ape-lizard, much larger than the others, and Kaz comments that he didn't know they got to that size.

The Kowakian ape-lizard

As the creature forces its way out, the group runs. The ape-lizard pursues them through the corridors. They turn a corner, and Poe tries to slow the creature down by closing a blast door. He tells Kaz and the droids to go while he buys them some time. Poe shoots at the advancing ape-lizard with his blaster, but the blaster bolts bounce off the creature's thick hide.

The creature throws Poe against a wall. Poe manages to hide in a corner, and remarks that it wasn't the best plan. Meanwhile, Kaz struggles to carry the unconscious Mirialian while the droids roll. Poe soon joins them and helps Kaz carry the Mirialian. They flee into the docking ring as the mutant tries to force its way through.

A brief dogfight[]

The Resistance pilots and their droids escape with the Mirialian on their starfighters into space. Kaz has the Mirialian in the passenger compartment of his X-wing. Over the intercom, Poe remarks that they could not have cut that any closer. BB-8 beeps as the radar picks up incoming ships. Just then, they are attacked by several pirate starfighters. Poe manages to dodge one and shoot it down with his X-wing.

Kaz says he has gotten one on his tail. CB-23 squeals, but Kaz says Poe has got his own problems. As they approach an asteroid, Kaz tells CB-23 not to worry because he knows what to do and to trust him. Kaz flies towards an asteroid, but does a "backward tail slide" and flies over the asteroid. The pirate ship crashes into the asteroid and explodes. Kaz and Poe cheer. The remaining pirate ships break off the attack. Poe says that it is time to get him home and to meet up with Yeager. The group departs.

Return to Castilon[]

While Yeager is circling Castilon's upper atmosphere in his Star Commuter 2000, he is met by Poe and Kaz's X-wings. Poe tells Yeager to keep it steady because they have got a survivor from a pirate attack. Kaz enters the shuttle carrying the unconscious Mirialian.

Yeager says that Poe has got to be kidding, and asks him about bringing home more starts. Poe reassures Yeager that "this one" doesn't have to join his crew. Yeager remarks that he has gotten enough friends as it is. Kaz says that they couldn't just leave her behind. Poe tells Kaz to take her back, get her to a medical droid, and then send her on her way when she heals up.

Yeager thinks it is a bad idea to bring her back to the Colossus. Before leaving, Poe tells Kaz that he did a good job. Kaz thanks Poe. Poe tells him to check in as soon as he has updates on Doza and the First Order. Kaz remarks that it shouldn't be a problem after what he went through today. Before leaving, Poe tells BB-8 that he will see him soon, before jumping back into his X-wing and flying off. CB-23 also farewells BB-8 before departing in her X-wing, and waves one of her appendages. BB-8 waves back.

Tending to Synara[]

While flying back, the Mirialian awakens in the passenger compartment. Kaz tends to her. She asks where she is and recognizes Kaz. The Mirialian instinctively punches Kaz in the face, and BB-8 draws several of his appendages in defense. Believing the woman is woozy, Kaz tells them that it is okay as he nurses his nose and says he wanted to help.

The Mirialian is still woozy. When Kaz asks her what her name is, she identifies herself as Synara, but hides her pirate affiliation. Kaz introduces himself, Yeager and BB-8, saying they are mechanics from Castilon. He tells her that some pilots found her and that he and Yeager volunteered to bring her in. Yeager quips that he didn't.

When Kaz asks Synara to recount what happened, she claims that there was a pirate raid and that a giant crazed monkey broke loose. She says that it attacked and that she locked herself in a crate for protection. Synara says that is all she can remember. Kaz tells her that they are taking her back to the Colossus, straight to a medical droid. Synara asks if they will let her onboard, because she doesn't have any identification as everything that she had was stolen by those pirates. Kaz tells her not to worry because they will register her. Synara looks ominously towards the horizon as they approach the Colossus for landing.

The Star Commuter shuttle lands at a docking bay. They walk past the Arcona Garma while Synara looks around. Kaz approaches a droid manning the booth and registers Synara. A security droid menaces Synara and she glares at it. Kaz reassures her that he and Yeager have taken care of it and introduces her to the Colossus. Synara says she can look after herself, but thanks Kaz for everything. As she enters a turbolift, she tells him that he helped her more than he can realize.

An undercover pirate[]

BB-8 beeps, while Yeager tells Kaz it looks like his friend isn't sticking around after all the trouble they went through to bring her to the platform. Kaz suggests that maybe she needs some time, like he did. Yeager warns Kaz that he is responsible for whatever happens. Kaz responds that Yeager is responsible for him, and that things are working out. Yeager shakes his head before walking away.

In private, Synara contacts the Quarren pirate leader Kragan Gorr by hologram. Kragan asks where everyone is, and reiterates that he sent her to steal that freight. Synara tells Kragan that the freight devoured his pirates, except her. She tells him that she was the only one who survived. When Kragan asks where she is, Synara tells him that she is on the Colossus.

She tells Kragan that she got rescued and that this "kid" mistook her for the freighter's crew and got her registered. Kragan accepts that this mission turned out better than stealing cargo. He remarks that this mishap may work to their advantage, and tells he to stay put and blend in. Kragan says he will have an assignment for her soon before ending transmission. Synara smiles.


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Notes and references[]

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