The signet of Clan Mudhorn.

A signet was a symbol denoting a worthy kill or conquest that was used to identify Mandalorian clans. One signet was given to Din Djarin after the formation of his clan.


A signet was a symbol denoting a worthy kill or conquest that was used to identify Mandalorian clans,[1] and defined each Mandalorian's true calling.[2] In one instance, Din Djarin's signet was determined to be the mudhorn,[3] as he killed the beast after his armor suffered extensive damage while battling one on Arvala-7.[4] Once determined, the signet would then be forged, and placed on the warrior's armor. Djarin's signet was forged from beskar, and was revealed by the Armorer,[5] who helped Mandalorians search for their signet.[2]


"Then you have earned the Mudhorn as your signet. I shall craft it."
"I can't accept. It wasn't a noble kill. I was helped by an enemy."
―The Armorer and Djarin[3]

The symbol of House Vizsla was a peacetime sigil, which predated the Death Watch coup.[1] By 1 BBY,[6] the signet of House Kast was a serpentine vexis, while Clan Eldar's signet was a leonid sigil.[7][1]

Around 9 ABY,[8] the Armorer was visited by Din Djarin within the Tribe's covert after he obtained an ingot of beskar. She asked him if his signet had been revealed, to which Djarin stated that it had not been identified yet, but the Armorer assured him it would be revealed soon.[9]

Djarin returned to the Armorer after he had completed a bounty, where he revealed that his armor had been damaged in a battle with a mudhorn. The Armorer proposed to forge the signet of a mudhorn for him, but Djarin refused, stating that he could not accept it as it was not a noble kill, because he was assisted by Grogu, which at that point he considered an enemy. Hearing this, the Armorer used the beskar he provided to forge whistling birds instead.[3]

The Armorer welds the signet of Clan Mudhorn onto his pauldron.

Following a skirmish with Imperial forces, Djarin, escorted by IG-11, Carasynthia Dune and Greef Karga, escaped to the enclave, where they met the Armorer. After revealing Grogu to her, the Armorer stated that he was now a foundling in Djarin's care, tasking him with reuniting the infant with his species. She forged the mudhorn's signet and placed it on Djarin's pauldron, declaring the formation of his clan.[5]

Behind the scenes[]

The signet first appeared in Star Wars Rebels: Heroes of Mandalore[7][1]. It was first identified in Chapter 1 of the 2019 Disney+ television series The Mandalorian,[9] which aired on November 12, 2019.[10] Its first appearance was confirmed by The Star Wars Book.[1]



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