"Orman is the romantic, I am not."
―Dr. Silas Tagge[src]

Silas Tagge was a Human male member and chief scientist of the famous and wealthy House of Tagge. He had three brothers, Orman, Cassio and Ulric, and a younger sister, Domina.


The Omega FrostEdit

Silas Tagge was a male Human member of the House of Tagge, a powerful and wealthy family. His brothers were Orman, the Baron and head of the family, and Ulric, an officer in the Imperial Navy of the Galactic Empire. Silas Tagge, however, became a scientist. In 0 ABY, while Ulric's forces were blockading the Alliance to Restore the Republic, who were opposed to the Empire in the Galactic Civil War, on Yavin 4, Tagge began conducting a series of experiments, pertaining to the freezing of living beings. Orman chose Tatooine to be the world on which Tagge performed further experiments. The scientist operated from a base in the Jundland Wastes, and during one particular experiment, a bantha managed to escape out into the desert. It was later found, frozen by the experiment, and its body was obliterated by Orman's stormtroopers.[1]

When Orman found out about the minor security breach, Tagge fully expected his brother to embark on a wild rampage with his replica lightsaber that he wielded—an outmoded weapon that the Baron carried in the hopes of being able to kill Darth Vader, the man who had blinded Orman years prior with the very same type of weapon. Orman, however, conceded that Tagge was close to success, and cared little about the breach. He revealed that he even hoped that word of the experiments would reach the ears of an Alliance operative native to Tatooine—Luke Skywalker, who had previously humiliated the Baron. Tagge despaired at his brother's continual desire for vengeance against those who had wronged him, but Orman was set on the concept of confronting Skywalker. Tagge was hardly surprised by his brother's sense of drama and emotion, as it had continually influenced the way in which the Baron had acquitted himself over the years.[1]

Old biographyEdit

As chief scientist, Silas was involved with many of the high profile projects of TaggeCo, including the Omega Frost project headed by his older brother Baron Orman Tagge. They tested the Omega Frost technology on a small scale on the planet Tatooine, in part to attract the young Rebel, a new rival of Orman, Luke Skywalker's attention. And coincidentally Skywalker was on Tatooine on a mission for the Rebel Alliance, and became interested in the Tagges' activities on his homeworld. While the Tagges did detect his presence, they could not capture him at that time, but the Omega Frost test was a success which was enough to satisfy Silas since he had little interest in his brother's vendettas.

Undaunted, Orman decided to once again lure Skywalker into his trap and this time he was successful in capturing him. Orman wanted to test his lightsaber skills against Skywalker, and was confident he would defeat his young foe but underestimated him and was beaten and left in a state of shock. Silas wanted to take control of the project so he made sure that Orman stayed unconscious while he took charge. And Silas was prepared for Orman's failure and had Skywalker's escape craft sabotaged so he wouldn't be able to warn the Rebel fleet about the trap that had been set for them. But, like his older brother, Silas had underestimated Luke and was surprised to learn that the young Rebel had survived the crash of his defective spacecraft and was now threatening the success of the Omega Frost project.

Realizing the threat that Luke posed, Silas panicked and ordered the Omega Frost weapon activated too early, and before the Rebel fleet could be affected by it, Skywalker wrecked one of the conducting towers for the project rendering it inactive. Again Silas panicked and ordered a fighter be sent to kill Skywalker, but the Rebel fleet tracked his request signal back to the Mining Explorer where the Tagges were located and destroyed the craft, apparently killing all aboard.

But both Orman and Silas were rescued by Darth Vader and kept in an unconscious state in an effort to convince their younger brother Ulric to cooperate with the Dark Lord. Orman escaped his confinement, but Silas remained a captive of Vader.

Personality and traitsEdit

"Emotional, Orman. But to be expected from a man who still prefers real meat—when science provides something as efficient as food paste."
―Silas Tagge[src]

Silas Tagge often disparaged the behavior of his more impassioned, nostalgic, and emotional brother Orman. The Baron's often foul temper no longer came as a surprise to Tagge—rather, he was more shocked when his brother responded to setbacks with placidity and grace. He disliked Orman's continual pursuit of various vendettas, as he felt that the Baron's duties were to running the House of Tagge and his own position of power. Tagge placed great stock in the power and value of science, opting to consume food paste rather than the real meat that Orman chose to devour.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The character of Silas Tagge first appeared in Star Wars 31: Return to Tatooine (1980), written by Archie Goodwin and illustrated by Carmine Infantino.



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