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The Silent Desert was a natural feature of the planet Tython in the Deep Core of the galaxy, so named because of its unique ability to nullify all sound transmitted in its environment.


The Silent Desert was a vast wasteland of sand possessed of a mystifying quality to absorb all sounds. This phenomenon has been attributed to some inexplicable property of the constantly shifting sands, or even to the great sand sculptures that arose sporadically from the desert, especially at night. Mesmerizing to travelers, these sculptures were thought by some to be sentient or at the very least a component of an ancient species, a theory that was not universally accepted. Even so, the negation of all sound was likely a result of the sculptures feeding on it for sustenance. In the morning, the landscape could have been morphed significantly by the nocturnal movement of these sculptures. For sentient species wandering this land, the persistent absolute silence can be unsettling to the point that they were afflicted by loneliness even in the company of each other. Underneath the ground were natural caverns whose rocky strata provided insulation from the sound nullification phenomenon on the surface.[3]

As with other deserts, mirages were to be expected in the Silent Desert, and the winds were fierce and relentless. In the afternoon, the temperature could rise to the degree that the heated sand could melt shoes and a mild breeze could cause blisters. In spite of these harsh conditions, the desert had a rich and diverse ecosystem. Silik lizards, whose diet consisted primarily of sand, made their homes in this region, alongside a variety of desert birds, lizards, giant mankles, pendles, and a thin species of shire.[3] The caves, canyons, and mesas which split the region were the only sanctuaries of sound in the vast wastes of silence.[1]


In the times before the foundation of the Galactic Republic, a large Tho Yor landed in the desert carrying passengers from distant lands. Around the Tho Yor, these ancient people, known as members of the Je'daii Order, erected a Temple of Force Skills which they named Qigong Kesh.[2]

The majority of the Temple's complex was located underground in the vast cave network where sound could pervade normally and conditioners cooled exhausted travelers. Nevertheless, many lessons were held on the surface as the Je'daii masters took advantage of the silence of the desert to force students into training the technique of telepathy.[3]



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