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Vuffi Raa resembled the form of the organic progenitors of the Silentium.

The Silentium's creators were an extra-galactic species of sentient star-shaped organics who created the sentient droid species known as the Silentium to resemble their form, in much the same way that humanoid sentients created bipedal droids.

Their name, homeworld and history have been long lost, with their creations being their only legacy. The species were known to have been advanced. At an unknown time, the species was wiped out by a radiation storm from a nearby supernova, though their droid creations "lived" on.

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  • While traveling underneath the largest pyramid on Rafa V, Lando Calrissian and Vuffi Raa saw historic wall pictorials which indicated a little of the ancient history of the Sharu, and suggested they were created by a starfish-shaped precursor race. Thus there is implication that Vuffi Raa's progenitors may have been the makers of the Sharu. This also indicates that they were not only present in the unknown regions but as well in the galaxy.



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