Sileron was the Derkolo homeworld in the Mektrun Cluster; it was the first planet in the Veron system. It was very hostile and tourists were warned not to visit the planet.


It had an extreme axial tilt, resulting in severe seasonal changes. Dangerous storms constantly rolled across the world's surface.

Flora and FaunaEdit

Plants were very active in the hospitable growing seasons, and aggressively gathered enough energy and food for the long winter season. While there were primitive ferns and other simple plants, many evolved to higher order plants, with active defensive systems. Still others became carnivorous, consuming insects, arachnids and even small amphibians.

Animal life was aggressive and dangerous. Since animals were also required to gather as much food as possible before the harsh winter, most animals were omnivorous. Like the plants, many had venoms and poisons that they could use on prey. Most of these creatures had elaborate defense mechanisms as well, such as thick hides or the ability to camouflage themselves in the natural terrain. One of the more common predators on Sileron were the Derkolo.

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