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Silicon was one of many elements in the galaxy. It bonded with oxygen to make silica and quartz.

Silicon shared some of the same properties of carbon, and was the only possible rival for the role of carbon in biology. However, silicon could only bond with two other atoms, whereas carbon could bond with up to four other atoms at once, and was therefore able to form long molecular chains and rings, the backbones of organic molecules. Because of the limitations of silicon, silicon-based lifeforms were extremely rare.[1]

Silicon was the base element for vacuum-breathing species like the space slugs and mynocks and the mineral lifeform rainbow gems and Shards. The Silika people of Dohu VII were also composed of silicon.

During the reign of the Galactic Empire, sentientologist Obo Rin wrote in a report that despite extensive research, he had yet to encounter an example of intelligent silicon life;[1] apparently, he had never heard about the Shards or the Silika. The research facility on Q'Maere, headed by the Qektoth Confederation scientist Drigor Tarrens, was known to conduct experiments with silicon biology. However, these experiments failed, and the facility was left to be managed by students of the University of Sanbra.[2]



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