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"And we are all aware that Onaconda was a flawed man. He knew better than anyone of his own mistakes, but he never compromised his principles, and what he did, he did for his people. Their needs always came first."
―Silood leads Onaconda Farr's funeral[1]

Silood was a Rodian male aide who worked for Senator Onaconda Farr during the Clone Wars. He gave the eulogy at Farr's funeral, after Farr was murdered by another aide, Lolo Purs.[1]

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Behind the scenes[]

Silood, or at least his character model, was first seen in Ziro's Palace in the feature film that debuted the series on August 15, 2008. He was sitting next to the character model used for Pune Zignat. It would not be impossible for Silood to be present at this Coruscant establishment at the time, as Onaconda Farr was also in the area. He appears in another scene set in Palpatine's office.



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