Simocadia was a planet located in the Inner Rim and the homeworld to the Mosciive species.


Before the planet was discovered by the Galactic Republic, Simocadia was ruled by an ancient technologically-advanced species. They crafted stone giants known as Ardana Shadex, using their superior bulk to wage wars across the planet's surface. At some point, the species suddenly and mysteriously vanished, leaving behind few clues that would explain their fate.

With the rise of the Mosciive race, the inhabitants began building their economy based on their artists and, more specifically, their stonecutters. Using special torches powered by the precious agrocite, they were able to sculpt incredible works of art. At some point the planet was invaded by an aggressive alien species. The Mosciive, however, received an unexpected aid from a young Jedi Mace Windu, who helped them drove the invaders away and swore to return to Simocadia should it ever need help again.

During the final years of the Republic, Mosciive scholars obsessed with their planet's past, excavating vast swaths of land in hopes of uncovering the mysteries of their homeworld. Sponsored by Prince Yojan, the scientific teams were able to uncover evidence of the great wars of their planet, but little else.

During the Clone Wars, the planet was ruled by Empress Sephani, who, while supporting the Republic, had remained neutral in the war against the Confederacy of Independent Systems. As both sides vied for the planet's agrocite, Mace Windu, now a Jedi Master, arrived on the planet with a mission to ensure that it remained within the Republic. As Windu made his landing, Separatist forces began landing, greatly damaging the Library of Mosciive history. After repelling the battle droids, Windu confronted prince Yojan who had joined the CIS and used their resources to destroy the Simocadia's agrocite mines with an ancient Ardana Shadex stone giant in order to make both sides of the war lose interest in his planet. However, once activated, the giant went out of control and Yojan was forced to sacrifice his life to disable it. The Republic subsequently established a garrison on planet to defend the mines and the world's people.


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