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"Never dwell on the past. If I were you, I'd be more concerned about your future. Or the lack thereof."
―Lian Dray, to Sindra[src]

Sindra was a female Sith apprentice who lived in the days prior to the end of the Great Sith War. She was the twin sister of Xash, with whom she shared tutelage under the Sith sorcerer Thannor Keth. Alongside her brother, Sindra accompanied their master to the planet Vigil in pursuit of the Force-sensitive girl known as Nova. Their ship crash-landed, at which time Sindra and Xash were sent to capture the girl. They came upon a Jedi named Lian Dray who resided on Vigil and had since become the girl's custodian. When Dray refused to turn her over, Sindra allowed her brother to engage the Jedi in lightsaber combat. She intervened after Xash lost his weapon hand and seriously injured Dray in the midst of their duel. She taunted Dray after knocking him to the ground, a move that enraged the Jedi. The tide of battle turned against Sindra as Dray then called upon the dark side of the Force to defeat her, but she was saved by the intervention of her brother. Sindra then employed the dark side to render Dray helpless but was overpowered when he blasted her with Force lightning. After killing Xash, Dray also killed Sindra with a stroke of his lightsaber.


Sith apprenticeEdit

Sindra was a Force-sensitive female who lived during the time of the Great Sith War. She studied the ways of the Sith alongside her twin brother, Xash, under an aged Sith sorcerer named Thannor Keth. From Keth, Sindra learned the art of lightsaber combat, as well as how to harness the power of the dark side of the Force.[1]

Sindra and her brother joined Keth in pursuit of a young girl of incredible Force potential named Nova, who, along with her parents, was on a starship that crash-landed on the world of Vigil. During the chase, Keth's ship crashed as well and suffered nominal damage. Sindra and Xash were sent to survey the wreckage of Nova's ship and retrieve the girl, whom Keth believed to still be alive, while the sorcerer attempted to repair the craft. They searched the jungles of Vigil and eventually found the girl under the protection of an inhabitant of the planet, a man named Lian Dray.[1]

Confronting a JediEdit

"The girl will come with us."
―Sindra demands Nova from Lian Dray[src]

Though her brother believed that Dray was a Jedi, Sindra determined through her Force sense that Dray was not quite a follower of the light side. They were both dismissed by the man, who gave them permission to scavenge the wreckage of Nova's ship before ordering them to leave his home. Sindra refused the offer and demanded that Dray turn over the girl to them. She then prepared to face the Jedi in combat, but Xash—confident in his ability to defeat the man—stepped in front of her and confronted him. Xash was quickly defeated by Dray, who severed Xash's weapon hand in the process. Sindra ignited her red-bladed lightsaber and joined the battle, connecting with a slash to Dray's back. The following attack was parried, forcing Sindra into what eventually became a protracted lightsaber duel with her opponent. She capitalized on the success of her initial attack by engaging in a relentless offensive, the pace of which Dray could not maintain in his injured condition. He attempted to sweep Sindra's legs from under her, but she blocked that attack while using the hilt of her lightsaber to strike him in the face and knock him down.[1]

Sindra stood over her seemingly-defeated opponent and mocked him as he lay on the ground. However, her cackling only served as the catalyst for Dray's subsequent surrender to the dark side; Sindra barely managed to deflect his onslaught as he attacked her with his hate. She escaped his wrath when Xash charged from behind, forcing the Jedi to defend his rear. Sindra took advantage of the interruption and used the Force to squeeze Dray's heart. Her attack crippled him for a moment, but Dray again gave in to the dark side and blasted Sindra with a burst of Force lightning. Her brother attempted to free her from her torment but was killed when Dray used the Force and slammed him into a nearby tree. Sindra still laid prostrate on the ground when the Jedi moved in and finished her with a stroke of his lightsaber.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"Stand aside or die."
―Sindra threatens Lian Dray[src]

Sindra was nearly identical to her twin brother in size and stature. She was svelte, graceful, and fast, and moved with a sinuous gait that completely mirrored her brother's. While Nova feared Sindra and Xash upon sight, Sindra was afraid of the young girl's custodian, especially after he embraced the dark side to do battle with her. Her master's wishes were nonetheless her utmost priority, and she was more than willing to kill Lian Dray to execute Thannor Keth's will. She was confident in her ability to defeat the Jedi and berated him with condescending laughter upon her initial victory over him in combat.[1]

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Sindra wielded a red-bladed lightsaber in battle with a loose, two-handed style. She employed traditional techniques while dueling, such as angling her blade high above her head prior to initiating an attack. She demonstrated speed and cunning, which afforded her an early advantage over Lian Dray in the beginning of their duel. She gave partial quarter in combat before unexpectedly unleashing blinding flurries to overwhelm her opponent and even fashioned her lightsaber hilt as a bludgeon while engaged in close combat, which she used to split Dray's lip. Her advantage was eventually lost, however, when Dray submitted himself to the dark side and quickly overpowered her.[1]

Sindra exhibited considerable power in the dark side of the Force and was the stronger sibling between she and Xash. She bolstered her strength with her hatred and, in doing so, radiated with a dark aura that her enemy was able to perceive. She sensed Lian Dray's own Force aptitude, though only after the Jedi allowed her to do so. Sindra was able to incapacitate Dray by constricting his heart through the Force, but her hold was broken by the Jedi's superior command of the dark side. She was unable to counteract his Force lightning, which held her effectively at bay while Dray dispatched her brother. When the twin bond Sindra and Xash shared was abruptly severed upon his death, Sindra experienced noticeable anguish before being killed herself by Dray.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The character of Sindra was created by author Paul Danner and appeared as a secondary antagonist for a short story titled Light and Shadow, which was set during the time of the Great Sith War. According to the Star Wars fansite Lostworlds, Light and Shadow was originally slated to feature in one of West End Games' Star Wars Adventure Journals but was never published therein. Thus, the characters—Sindra included—places, and events of Light and Shadow are not considered part of canon.[2]

Light and Shadow can now be found on the Internet at the Star Wars Fanboy Association.[3]


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