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The three members

"Most triumvirates are unstable. I know; I've seen many of them rise and collapse among pirate and smuggler organizations in the fringe. But this one is different. None of us can make it work without both of the others."

The "Sinister Triumvirate" was the name given to the alliance between Moff Vilim Disra, Major Grodin Tierce, and the conman Flim in 19 ABY. It was their actions that set in motion the Caamas Document Crisis which nearly brought down the New Republic.

Disra would provide political and diplomatic services, Tierce military tactics and strategy, and Flim, through disguises and meticulous study, impersonated Grand Admiral Thrawn. A decade earlier, Thrawn had nearly destroyed the new Republic thanks to his unorthodox command style, which was extremely effective. Disra planned to have him rally the remaining Imperial forces around him and send shock through the New Republic, while taking advantage of the chaos caused by the discovery of the Caamas Document.

The triumvirate was believed to be more stable than any of the others, because none of the members were replaceable and all had different goals. However, that was all in theory, as in reality Tierce was the one in control. He was aware of Disra's plot to kill him and Flim when the right time came. Without Tierce, the Triumvirate would have collapsed, as neither of the other members had sufficient military knowledge. Each was in it for his own purpose, with Disra wanting power, Tierce wanting to punish the Rebellion, and Flim, in addition to being paid, getting the chance to play an actor's greatest role ever.

Tierce and Disra would gain a major advantage by halting the peace proposal of Gilad Pellaeon by kidnapping Meizh Vermel, who had been sent by Pellaeon to talk to Garm Bel Iblis. They then kidnapped Lando Calrissian, revealing to him "Thrawn". Calrissian was released, and went straight to the New Republic Senate. Some believed him, while others accused him of lying to further his own goals. The New Republic, which had already been shaken by the revelation that the Bothans had destroyed the shield generator on Caamas, was in full crisis mode.

The Triumvirate took advantage of this, dispatching three Imperial Star Destroyers to await outside Bothawui under a cloaking shield. They planned to have them attack when tension on the planet reached its highest level.

However, the plan failed. Pellaeon, who had always distrusted Disra, investigated when he heard of the reappearance of Thrawn and the disappearance. Thanks to a coincidental distraction by some pirates while he was meeting with Disra in the Moff's office, he was able to steal several files relating to the Triumvirate, and the truth about Thrawn—as well as Tierce. With the help of Talon Karrde, Pellaeon confronted Disra during the Battle of Yaga Minor on his flagship. He told the Moff that he had discovered the truth, and also revealed that Tierce was a clone. Tierce was killed by Shada D'ukal, and Flim surrendered, admitting that he was relieved the whole affair was over. Meanwhile, the remaining Triumvirate forces stationed near Bothawui were defeated in the Second Battle of Bothawui. Disra was also arrested, putting an end to the Sinister Triumvirate.



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