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Jerf Huxley: "Sinker, what the frost are you doing? That's not a toy."
Sinker: "I'm not doing it."
Mara Jade Skywalker: "He's right. He's not doing this either."
―Jerf Huxley and Sinker react to Mara Jade Skywalker moving her lightsaber in Sinker's hands with the Force[src]

Sinker was a male smuggler who was born around 6 ABY and worked with Jerf Huxley's Huxlings, a group that worked for Talon Karrde of the Smugglers' Alliance in the Outer Rim Territories. In 22 ABY, he participated in a confrontation at an Outer Rim cantina where Huxley attempted to extract a severance payment from Jedi Knight Mara Jade Skywalker after she terminated the business relationship with Huxley on Karrde's behalf. Huxley instructed Sinker to confiscate Jade Skywalker's lightsaber. Once he took the weapon, Jade Skywalker used the Force to ignite and move the lightsaber while he still held it, creating a distraction that allowed her husband, Luke Skywalker, to assist. After the two Jedi overcame Huxley, Sinker returned the lightsaber to Jade Skywalker.


"Get her lightsaber."
"You deaf? What are you afraid of?"
―Jerf Huxley and Sinker[2]

Born around 6 ABY,[1] Sinker was a male smuggler.[2] In 22 ABY,[3] when he was about sixteen years old, Sinker worked with the Huxlings under Jerf Huxley, a man who did business in the Outer Rim Territories with Talon Karrde[2] of the Smugglers' Alliance.[4] After he became a legitimate businessman, Karrde sent his long-time agent Mara Jade Skywalker to Huxley's Outer Rim cantina to sever their working relationship. Huxley foresaw the move and brought along a group of Huxlings, including Sinker, and a replica droideka to overpower and extract a severance payment of five hundred thousand credits from Jade Skywalker.[2]

Mara Jade Skywalker with her lightsaber

During the confrontation, Huxley ordered Sinker to confiscate Jade Skywalker's lightsaber, which he hesitantly complied with. A Jedi Knight and powerful in the Force, she used telekinesis to ignite and move the lightsaber while Sinker still held it. He surprised Jade Skywalker by maintaining his grip on the weapon even as she forced it to swing wildly around the room.

With the crowd of around twenty of Huxley's underlings' attention on Sinker, Jade Skywalker's husband and fellow Jedi, Luke Skywalker, stepped in to take out the droideka with his own lightsaber. As Skywalker incapacitated the droid, his wife overpowered Huxley and forced him to call off the attack. At her mercy, Huxley acquiesced and she made arrangements to pay him twenty thousand credits as thanks for his ten years of service to Karrde. The conflict now resolved, Sinker returned the lightsaber to Jade Skywalker, who reattached it to her belt.[2]

Personality and traits[]

"Uh … I'm—I'm sorry, ma'am, but—"
―Sinker stammers while speaking to Mara Jade Skywalker[2]

Sinker was frightened of Jade Skywalker's powers and visibly shook with nerves and stammered when he took her lightsaber. Although Sinker was intimidated by Jade Skywalker, he did not lose his grip on the lightsaber when she manipulated it with the Force, much to the Jedi's surprise.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Sinker first appeared in the 2004 Star Wars novel Survivor's Quest, written by Timothy Zahn.[2]


Notes and references[]

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