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"Keep away from the Sinking Fields in the north. You'll drown in the sand."
―Rey to BB-8[src]

The Sinking Fields were an area of the Goazon Badlands on Jakku. They were located north of Niima Outpost and Rey's AT-AT home. They were the site of a crash landing by Poe Dameron and FN-2187 in a Special Forces TIE fighter after escaping the First Order's flagship Finalizer. Soon after impact, the fields swallowed the TIE fighter whole to the horror of Finn. The former stormtrooper walked across the fields to Niima Outpost where he encountered Rey and Dameron's missing BB unit BB-8.[1]

Previously, Rey had also warned BB-8 not to traverse the Sinking Fields, but the droid had already decided that it would stay with her.[1]


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