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"Sinrich. Inventor of the Holographic Disguise Matrix."
―Count Dooku[src]

Sinrich was a male Snivvian bounty hunter in operation during the Clone Wars.


Sinrich was considered one of the greatest hunters in the galaxy. Eventually, his success as a bounty hunter caught the attention of Count Dooku who wanted him to compete with other bounty hunters in the Box, a death machine designed by Moralo Eval, on Serenno to win the honor of kidnapping Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. He witnessed Cad Bane murder another bounty hunter Bulduga to get his hat. Soon, Dooku briefed everyone on the challenge the bounty hunters had to face including telling them about The Box. They were all deprived of their weapons and soon they entered The Box. Their first challenge was to escape a room that was filling with dioxis gas. Platforms began to rise from the ground and all the bounty hunters including Sinrich climbed on top of them. Another bounty hunter, Rako Hardeen who was actually Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi in disguise found a secret tunnel underneath the ground. All the hunters followed him through the tunnel, thus surviving the first round. However, Sinrich met his fate in the second round. Ledges began to slide out of the walls with a sword resembling a lightsaber swinging around on its front. Bulduga's brother Onca quickly fell prey to the blades. As before, Hardeen saw an open tunnel on the ceiling. Using the ledges, he and Bane hopped to the top towards the tunnel with the other bounty hunters following behind. However, Embo choked Sinrich, taking him off track. It can be seen that Sinrich is trying to climb up after a setback. He was ultimately killed by the obstacles due to his inability to make it to the next challenge.

Personality and traitsEdit

Sinrich was considered by many to be a technical genius and not only was he the inventor of the holographic disguise matrix, a holographic device that cloaked the wearer in a flawless hologram for disguise purposes, Sinrich was also considered to be one of the best bounty hunters in the galaxy at the time of the Clone Wars.

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Behind the scenesEdit

Sinrich was created for the TV series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and appeared in the episode "The Box".[2] Sinrich's body model was a repainted and modified model that was used for another Snivvian character who appeared previously in the episode "Padawan Lost".[4]



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