Sinton was a planet of the Mid Rim region that was situated along the Rago Run hyperlane and was home to a non-Human populace. The Galactic Empire's Subjugation of Sinton conquered the planet and enslaved the non-Human denizens.


The planet Sinton was located in the Mid Rim region of the galaxy, within the Sinton system[1] of the Rago sector.[2] The planet lay along the Rago Run hyperlane,[3] near the edge of the Unknown Regions.[1]


Sinton succumbed to Imperial[1] subjugation[4] at some point during the Galactic Empire's reign of the galaxy,[5] one of many such Imperial atrocities committed against non-Human worlds. The Empire then used Sinton's alien populace as slave labor.[1]

By the year 12 ABY,[6] the boastful Human male Sulamar, a fraudulently self-titled Imperial general, claimed to have participated in the Subjugation of Sinton, among many other purported military conquests[7]—some nonexistent.[8] In reality, Sulamar was a low-level Imperial technician with a failed military career.[7]


Sinton was populated by non-Humans,[4] whom the Empire conscripted into slave labor following the planet's Imperial conquest.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Sinton was first mentioned in the 1995 novel Darksaber, written by Kevin J. Anderson, in which the character Imperial General Sulamar alleges to have played a part in the Subjugation of Sinton. Sulamar's claim is later called into doubt once he is exposed as a fraud.[7] Sinton's subjugation was subsequently elaborated upon through the 1997 Dagobah Limited expansion set of the Star Wars Customizable Card Game[4] and the 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas, the latter of which provided the planet with astrographical data.[1]



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