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Sirpar, a large planet with little natural resources, was an Imperial high-gravity training center and the Eklaad homeworld. It was near Tatooine. It was the primary Imperial training facility in its sector. Stories about Sirpar—usually not good ones—were known throughout the Empire, even by soldiers that were trained elsewhere.


The Empire had built several training facilities all over the planet. There were eight basic training camps on the planet, four advanced training centers, and several special environmental training camps, including the Arctic Environments Combat Range near the planet's north pole and the Deep Ocean Operations Camp in the tropical seas. In addition there were five surplus equipment depositories of which one was the Nonessential Equipment Storage and Disposal Facility 456, an ordnance proving ground and a planetary bombardment target range.

The planet was scarcely defended, given that the only things on the surface were the primitive native Eklaad and hordes of Imperial trainees. The Empire built a starport, Jacelle on an island on the equator of the planet. Jacelle was a pleasant place, but Imperial recruits would only spend about half an hour there, before being transported off to their respective training camps.[3]


The native Eklaad were a primitive and peaceful sentient species, who had been on the brink of extinction ever since the arrival of the Empire. Most of them lived as either scavengers or nomads.[3]



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