Sirrakuk was the younger sister of Lowbacca. She shaved distinctive patches into her fur and loved to fly starships.

Sirra completed her rite of passage (which she was hesitant to do because of the supposed death of her friend Raaba while doing hers) during a fight with a Nightsister in the lower levels of Kashyyyk. Both Sirra and the Nightsister were swallowed by a syren plant, but Sirra escaped and grabbed a handful of fibers on her way out.

Later, after Raaba turned up alive, well, and promoting the Diversity Alliance on Kashyyyk, Sirra and Lowbacca accompanied her to Ryloth, where the pair were held against their will until they escaped. Sirra later accompanied a New Republic Senate team sent to investigate claims about the Diversity Alliance, and in frustration, smashed open a crate marked "medical supplies", exposing the weapons inside. She was employed as an emergency pilot for the New Republic.



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