Sish Sadeet was one of the few known Trandoshans to serve in the New Republic military. He was second in command to Commander Mirith Sinn of the New Republic forces stationed on Phaeda. Due to his history, he was naturally suspicious of those he did not know well.


Sish Sadeet was hatched to a low-class mother living near an Imperial base in a tropical area of Trandosha. In his early life, he worked as a servant, but grew tired of the drudgery and stowed away on an Imperial shuttle. While stowed away, he heard the crew mock Trandoshans, and in a fit of rage, jumped from his hiding place to attack them. The crew overpowered him and shot off one of his arms. They then left him to die in the wastelands of Mokk IX, an Imperial labor world.


Sish Sadeet before his death.

Sadeet made his way across the barren world to one of Mokk's settlements, arriving there right when New Republic forces liberated it. A Republic soldier named Mirith Sinn found Sadeet and arranged for him to be treated. After his arm grew back, Sadeet formally joined the New Republic military, serving as the second-in-command to Sinn, whom he had formed a fierce loyalty to. He volunteered to join her effort on Phaeda.

Sadeet was initially very suspicious of Kir Kanos, as he was to all people he did not know well. However, like Sinn, he grew to respect and welcome Kanos after Kanos saved them from the Imperial forces of Colonel Xexus Shev. At the same time, Sadeet grew wary of Tem Merkon, suspecting him to be the traitor responsible for the Imperial attack in the first place. Sadeet's suspicions proved to be correct, and he met Merkon with Sinn after Merkon returned from a meeting with Carnor Jax. As Merkon tried to flee, he was killed by Lieutenant Massimo.

Sish Sadeet buried

Mirith Sinn buries Sish Sadeet on Yinchorr.

Following the arrival of General Wedge Antilles aboard the Lusankya, Sadeet accompanied Sinn aboard a Skipray Blastboat to Yinchorr in hopes of assisting Kanos in his fight against Jax. Upon landing on Yinchorr, Sinn and Sadeet discovered Kanos and Jax in deadly combat on The Squall. Sadeet also found and killed Blim, Jax's personal crony hiding in sniping position above the combatant. Sinn demanded that Jax surrender, but he used the Force to take away their weapons. Kanos made his move while Jax was momentarily distracted and stabbed Jax through the lung. Sadeet raged forward, demanding that Jax be taken alive. In defensive reflex, though, Kanos turned, and Sadeet was killed as well.

After removing Jax's helmet and leaving his corpse above the Squall, Kanos expressed his sympathy to Sinn for Sadeet's needless death. Even so, Sinn vowed to find and kill Kir Kanos. She buried Sadeet in a cairn near the Squall.

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Sish Sadeet was voiced by Martin Ruben for the audio drama version of Crimson Empire.



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