"Don't let 'Quoc's modesty fool you."

Sisquoc was a male Samuac scout and a member of Rebel Alliance Intelligence.


A near-Human Samuac from New Kisge, Sisquoc was a star student at the Twilight Class of Galactic Outdoor Survival School. After graduating, he recruited most of his classmates for the Rebel Alliance, earning the hatred of School's headmaster Barosa Warren—and also of Lunkar An, another student who was humiliated by Sisquoc's victory.

Sisquoc and most of his classmates joined the Eclipse Team. Sisquoc became the commander of a sub-unit of Eclipse, Twilight Squadron, alongside classmates Adazian Liebke and Ma'w'shiye. He served as a tracker and scout for the Alliance and as a pathfinder for the SpecForce in the Rebel base of his native Suolriep sector.

On 2 ABY, Sisquoc was a Major and a member of the Rebel Alliance Task Force. He wrote important reports on threats to the Rebel Alliance, particularly Barosa Warren, Lunkar An and Warren's aide Casti Tholon (with help from some of his classmates). Sisquoc suspected that Warren was sending bounty hunters and mercenaries after those alumni of his who joined the Rebel Alliance, and wanted Intelligence to send Clanson.


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