The Sisterhood of the Glorious Radiance was a religious monastic order within Vianism that emphasized on the third tenant of their goddess Via: sacrifice. They devoted their lives to serving Via but did not force others to convert to their beliefs as did the Myrialites. Members of the Sisterhood had religious scripture tattooed on their bodies and subsequently wore robes and masks when meeting outsiders.

During the Kanz Disorders, they opposed the actions of the more radical Myrialites who had violently seceeded the Kanz sector from the Galactic Republic during the Mandalorian Wars. The Myrialites also enslaved many of their opponents particularly the Lorrdians. In response, the rival Sisterhood attracted many anti-Myrialites and Force-sensitives who began an underground resistance against the Argazdan Redoubt.

Following the enslavement of the Lorrdians, the Sisters began teaching the art of kinetic communication to members of the Lorrdian diaspora. Due to their opposition to the Argazdan Redoubt, the Sisters were deported to a slave colony on the planet Lorrd's moon Lorrd II. However, during the Mandalorian Wars, the Revanchist Jedi Revan raided Lorrd II for Lorrdian gemstones and also freed the slaves.

For three hundred years, the Myrialites ruled the Argazdan Redoubt until they were ousted by Republic-Jedi forces under Jedi Master Mari-Elan Nora in 3970 BBY. By the Imperial era, Sisterhood of Glorious Radiance still existed in the Kanz sector. During a visit to Lorrd in 0 ABY, Tash Arranda visited the Temple of the Glorious Radiance and was taken on a guided tour by Sister Sigil.


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