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"These fighters are the latest design and a symbol of the Sith Empire."
―Darth Rauder[src]

These Sith-Imperial starfighters were starfighters designed by the Sith Empire during the Second Imperial Civil War.

Intended to be first deployed during Operation: Thunderstroke, these starfighters replaced Skull Squadron's TIE Predators under orders of Darth Rauder, a Sith Lady and the leader of the pilots of the First Sith Imperial Strikeforce. Darth Rauder ordered the members of Captain Gunn Yage's squadron that she and her subordinates would fly the new fighters during their mission to capture Emperor Roan Fel.

A short time later, these fighters were once again employed in the Devastation of Da Soocha.

They were also employed at the Attack on the Hidden Temple.


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