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The Sith Chalice was an ancient Sith meditation incense burner taken by Darth Sidious and displayed before guests by his public persona, Sheev Palpatine—Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic—in his official suite, where the Sith artifact formed a part of a collection viewable by Jedi yet which left Palpatine's Sith identity hidden.


The Sith Chalice was an incense burner used by the ancient Sith in certain meditation rituals. Despite the Chalice's Sith origins, Jedi did not question its owner—who then held the leading position of the Office of the Chancellor and openly displayed the Sith artifact—regarding the incense burner's ties to the Sith.[1]


The Sith Chalice was retrieved from the planet Malachor by Darth Sidious in one of his earlier expeditions. Later, during the tenure of the Dark Lord of the Sith's public persona, Sheev Palpatine, as the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic, the Sith Lord placed the Chalice in the Chancellor's Suite of the Senate Office Building.[1]

By the time of the Battle of Coruscant, Palpatine's Chancellor's Suite was furnished with several other aesthetically matching Sith artifacts from his personal collection. Despite the suite's reflection of Sith culture,[1] the Chancellor's Sith tendencies went away unnoticed by even[2] the Jedi High Council,[1] whose members stepped foot into the chambers throughout the Clone Wars.[2][3]

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Dok-Ondars Den-SWGE video

A replica chalice is present on the wall of Dok-Ondar's Den of Antiquities.

A replica of the Sith Chalice is available for purchase by guests at Dok-Ondar's Den of Antiquities in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.[4]


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