"I've been there. Very gloomy place. Unnecessarily so."

The Sith Citadel, known to the reconstituted Sith Empire as the Great Citadel, was a fortress built by the old Sith Empire on Ziost sometime before the Great Hyperspace War. It served as its capital city and the meeting place of the Sith Council.



The Sith Citadel of Ajunta Pall, ancient capital city of the Sith Empire

The Sith Citadel was constructed long before the Great Hyperspace War by the Sith Empire after abandoning its former capital world of Korriban. It was initially intended to be the palace and focal point of the empire, establishing Ziost as the new seat of Sith Power.

Following Ajunta Pall's arrival on Korriban with his Dark Jedi and creation of a new Sith Kingdom, he would end up conquering Ziost, making the Citadel into his new capital. Under his rule, it grew into a massive city.

The capital was abandoned after the Sith defeat during the Great Hyperspace War after being forced to abandon Ziost, among other worlds such as Korriban. However, the empire was not defeated. In secret, a new empire was established on the new capital world of Dromund Kaas. The new metropolitan center, respectively named "Kaas City", thereby replaced the Sith Citadel as the primary city in the empire.

Around 3680 BBY, the Sith Empire returned to Republic space to initiate a bloody war and, at some point, managed to recolonize its former capital world. However, instead of reestablishing the citadel as the planetary capital, the Sith constructed the city of New Adasta to replace it, overshadowing the ancient castle.

Millennia later, Lumiya would visit it some time before the Second Galactic Civil War. Ben Skywalker visited this citadel with Kiara Olvidan while looking for the Amulet of Kalara.


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