The Sith Council was a body of advisors to the reigning Dark Lord of the Sith in the Old Sith Empire. It consisted of ten members made up of Dark Lords within the empire. This Council convened in a great citadel on Ziost.


After the Death of Marka Ragnos in 5,000 BBY. The Sith Council managed the affairs of the Empire. After Ragnos' death, two Lords on the council, Naga Sadow and Ludo Kressh, fought over the position of Dark Lord of the Sith. This conflict created a rift within the council, with several lords siding with Kressh, and the rest siding with Sadow.

Eventually, Sadow was able to convince the council to make him Dark Lord after he convinced them that the Republic was executing hit and runs within the Empire. After Ludo Kressh discovered the deception, he and two other lords attacked Sadow's fortress but they were soundly beaten and Sadow secured his hold over his title.

In the Great Hyperspace War, the council was essentially wiped out. Three of the members were killed during the struggle between Ludo and Sadow, and the rest seemed to have been apparently killed in battle with the Republic. The only member to survive the war was Naga Sadow. This tradition of a Sith Council was (as far as we know) not continued by Sadow's successors, Freedon Nadd and Exar Kun.

In the New Sith Wars, Kaan seemed to have resurrected this council with himself as its ambiguous head. Unlike earlier councils, each member actually held the title Dark Lord of the Sith in his own right, making for a far murkier chain of succession.


Old Sith Empire

2 as of yet unidentified members

Brotherhood of Darkness

2 as of yet unidentified members

Behind the Scenes

  • In a scene in The Golden Age of the Sith the faces of eight members are shown (excluding the already dead Simus and Naga Sadow). Only one other person (besides Sadow) on the council seems to have Dark Jedi blood with the absence of protruding eyebrow ridges and a squashed nose.
  • In Jedi vs Sith Kaan and his brotherhood of Darkness are shown conversing in a room before Darth Bane appears. Of the eight people talking only Githany, Kopecz, and Kaan are named. An old man with a beard is perhaps Qordis (reasoning being that Qordis is older than Bane and Bane appears fairly aged in this story). The other four in this inner circle are unnamed but two of them may perhaps be Seviss Vaa or LaTor as there is strong indication that they are within Kaan's inner circle - Seviss Vaa was described in The New Essential Chronology as one of the highest ranked Sith Lords, and LaTor was described in the Dark Forces novellas as Kaan's "fifth in command".



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