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The Sith Embassy was the headquarters of Revan's Sith Empire's diplomatic mission to the neutral planet of Manaan, from which they organized the shipping of kolto from that world. The Sith also maintained a private hangar bay within Ahto City that allowed for visiting Sith Masters to access the embassy by an airspeeder transport. The Embassy maintained an Ambassadorial Commission.


The Sith Embassy landing bay.

During the Jedi Civil War, the Sith lured young force-sensitive Selkath, like Shasa and Galas, into the Embassy so that the Sith could seduce them to the dark side and use them to conquer Manaan from within. When the Sith captured a Republic probe droid that had information about the Republic's illegal kolto-processing station at the Hrakert Rift, the head of the Republic Embassy, Roland Wann, asked the amnesiac Jedi Revan to break into the Embassy and retrieve the information that the droid possessed. Revan penetrated the facility, retrieving the data core; during the raid he also encountered Shasa and her friends. He was able to convince them that the Sith were trying to conquer Manaan, proving their evil intentions; with this new information they returned to Ahto City. When Revan left the Embassy, he was arrested by the Ahto City Civil Authority, but was freed when he revealed to them the plans of the Sith. Revan then returned the information to Roland. Sometime later, the Selkath razed the embassy to the ground because they had been teaching Selkath youth the ways of the dark side.

Behind the scenesEdit

The KotOR player is given three options to enter the base. The first one is to interrogate a Sith prisoner for the pass card required to enter the embassy. Another is to decrypt a passcard for entry. The other way is to enter the Base using a transport in a private hangar in Ahto City Docking Bay. The ship is under heavy guard. Roland Wann gives the player a hangar key if one chooses to raid the hangar. The player may only enter the hangar if a security skill of 20 or higher is attained.



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