"The Dark Council runs blind. We alone oversee the Emperor's will in the galaxy."
―Servant One[src]

The Sith Emperor's power base was a group of individuals and organizations that existed to serve the will of the Emperor of the reconstituted Sith Empire in whatever fashion he desired. The twelve Servants of the Emperor's Hand accomplished their master's will in secret across the galaxy, while the Imperial Guard protected their leader from harm with their lives. The position of Emperor's Voice allowed the Emperor to keep his true body safe from harm, while his Wrath brought the Sith ruler's fury upon his enemies and his Children became his unknowing eyes and ears throughout the Republic. Many of the Emperor's servants were mentally bound to their master through the power of the Force, and as such they were eternally loyal. The only exception is the Wrath, as Lord Scourge and his successor were not bound by any rituals, as the Emperor requires his enforcer to use the full strength of their power.



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