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''"The Force shall free me."'' -A founding principle of the Sith Empire.
''"The Force shall free me."'' -A founding principle of the Sith Empire.
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<caption><font size=+1>'''Sith Empire'''</font></caption>
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name= Sith Empire}}
<tr><td align="center" width="140px"></td></tr>[[Image:Sithempire2.jpg|140px]]
{{pl|[[Form of Government]]|[[Empire (disambiguation)|Empire]]}}
{{pl|[[Official language]]|[[Basic]]}}
<tr><td>[[Form of Government]]<td>[[Empire (disambiguation)|Empire]]
{{pl|[[Capital]]|[[Rakata Prime]]: [[Rakata system]], [[Korriban]]}}
<tr><td>[[Official language]]<td>[[Basic]]
{{pl|[[Head of State]]|[[Dark Lord of the Sith]]}}
<tr><td>[[Capital]]<td> [[Rakata Prime]]: [[Rakata system]], [[Korriban]]
{{pl|Establishment|[[3,959 BBY]]}}
<tr><td>[[Head of State]]<td>[[Dark Lord of the Sith]]
{{pl|Fragmentation|[[3,956 BBY]]}}
<tr><td>Establishment<td>[[3,959 BBY]]
{{pl|Dissolution|[[3,951 BBY]]}}
<tr><td>Fragmentation<td>[[3,956 BBY]]
{{pl|[[Currency]]|[[Credit|Republic Credits]]}}
<tr><td>Dissolution<td>[[3,951 BBY]]
<tr><td>[[Currency]]<td>[[Credit|Republic Credits]]
The '''Sith Empire''' was an empire founded by the [[Dark Jedi]] [[Revan]] and [[Malak]] in [[3,959 BBY]]. They used it to wage war against the [[Republic]].
The '''Sith Empire''' was an empire founded by the [[Dark Jedi]] [[Revan]] and [[Malak]] in [[3,959 BBY]]. They used it to wage war against the [[Republic]].

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"The Force shall free me." -A founding principle of the Sith Empire.

Sith Empire
Form of Government Empire
Official language Basic
Capital Rakata Prime: Rakata system, Korriban
Head of State Dark Lord of the Sith
Establishment 3,959 BBY
Fragmentation 3,956 BBY
Dissolution 3,951 BBY
Currency Republic Credits

The Sith Empire was an empire founded by the Dark Jedi Revan and Malak in 3,959 BBY. They used it to wage war against the Republic.


Towards the close of the Mandalorian Wars, the Jedi hero, Revan, discovered an academy on the planet of Malachor V that once belonged to the ancient Sith Empire, believed destroyed in the Great Hyperspace War. On the contrary, Revan discovered that the empire still existed beyond the boundaries of known space. Revan also realised that the old Sith still posed a great threat to the galaxy.

Revan eventually resolved to give in to the dark side, forming an empire that would conquer the galaxy to protect it, or be destroyed to strengthen it. Revan used the teachings of the ancient Sith for his goal, and took his weaker friend, Malak, as his apprentice. Revan became 'Darth' Revan. The third of the Republic fleet under Revan's control disappeared from known space, during which time Revan and Malak were said to have been spotted on many planets. It was later revealed that the two were searching for an ancient machine known as the Star Forge, which would grant them access to the power needed to combat the Republic. A year later, the group returned to Republic space with an entire battle fleet, and a retinue of officers, soldiers and battle droids, all products of the Star Forge, traitors to the Republic, or veterans from the Great Sith War.


Unknown world

Rakata Prime

The main principle in the organisation of the Sith Empire was natural selection; survival of the fittest. Even the lowliest grunts were encouraged to thin the competition. Whilst this may have stunted the Empire's growth, it nevertheless ensured a powerful and capable military. Revan himself needed to remain powerful enough to quell any opposition to his rule.



The Sith Academy on Korriban followed similar rules. Prospective students learnt to care only for themselves, and also to be ruthlessly independent. Additionally, the Master of the academy could, at any time, be succeeded by his apprentice.

The Sith utilised a form of governorship to manage conquered territory. A single governor would be posted on a world, housed within a Sith embassy, which would contain a security force large enough to keep the planet under control. Additionally, the Sith fleet was often on the move, which enabled even the Dark Lord to command from the front lines. All of these principles were designed to keep the Sith Empire as an efficient military force, rather than the more sedate governing body and galactic security force that the Republic represented.


Upon their return to known space, the Sith were well equipped for battle, having under their command;

  • Sith capital ships (probably Thousands), including Leviathan and Revan's flagship.
  • Sith fighters, a strange hybrid of technologies created by the Star Forge
  • Sith troopers, the shock troops of the army, moulded from traitorous republic forces.
  • Dark Jedi, Jedi corrupted by the power of the Trayus Academy.
  • Battle droids, the Sith had legions of battle droids at their disposal.
  • Unrecorded ground combat technologies

The Star Forge had also created two types of Sith freighters, which were equipped with rudimentary defences, and possibly served as bombing craft.

The Star Forge itself served as a staging ground and command centre.

The Jedi Civil War

The Republic found the new Sith army impossible to resist. As well as more powerful technology (related to both the Star Forge and the Republic's war losses), they were also led by Revan, a great strategist. The Republic quickly suffered heavy losses, with Revan conquering a number of key worlds. The Sith resettled Korriban, with an academy to train Force sensitive in the Sith ways. Additionally, the Sith conspired with Czerka Corporation, one of the richest and most powerful galaxy-spanning companies of the time, to amass the funds necessary for success.

The Sith soon secured a place on the ocean planet of Manaan, thanks to the Selkath neutrality, and so were able to export kolto to their forces.

The Republic was only able to begin true resistance when Bastila Shan revealed her strength with Battle Meditation. Even so, the Republic was still only successful in some minor skirmishes, until a single, extremely risky operation was proposed.

The Republic used Bastila's meditation to ambush and board Revan's flagship. There the Dark Lord was attacked by four Jedi. Though Revan would likely have been able to defeat them, he was betrayed by his apprentice, Malak, who ordered his craft to fire on Revan’s ship, destroying it. Bastila was able to survive and escape to her own ship before Revan's craft exploded.

Darth Malak

Under Malak, the Sith became reckless in their cruelty. Whilst Revan had steered the Sith toward the ultimate goal of replacing the Republic, Malak cared nothing for such subtlety (possibly being unaware of Revan's reasons for it), and such took to obliterating the infrastructure of the Republic rather than preserving it.

Malak made searching for Bastila his primary goal, which almost came to be as the Sith engaged the ship Endar Spire above the skies of Taris. Bastila managed to once more escape, and Malak soon learned that Revan himself was with her, having survived the encounter aboard his ship.

Malak had assumed Revan sought revenge, yet when Leviathan was able to apprehend Revan's ship, the Ebon Hawk, he discovered to his glee that Revan had been mind-wiped and given false memories. He taunted Revan and engaged him, displaying the strength he had gained. Bastila held Malak off as the crew escaped.

The Battle of the Star Forge


Weeks later, the Ebon Hawk finally discovered the Star Forge. The Republic forces soon arrived, and a full scale battle was joined; the Battle of the Star Forge. Meanwhile, Bastila had fallen to the Dark Side, becoming Malak's new apprentice.

The battle eventually ended in victory to the Republic. With Malak dead, Bastila returned to the light, and much of the Sith infrastructure disabled by Revan, the Sith Empire was no more. The Star Forge was destroyed, and the Sith forces on Korriban soon fell into civil war.


Small skirmishes led by ex-Sith forces continued for the next few years, until much of what Revan had built was wiped out. A short time later, three new Sith Lords arose to take control of sections of the remnant, but they were never strong enough to directly challenge the Republic. The new Sith Lords were eventually destroyed by the Jedi Exile, bringing an end to the Sith legacy Revan had begun. Revan, meanwhile, had disappeared from known space, apparently having discovered that he could take no one else with him to fight the true Sith.


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