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"I know that treachery can break even the mightiest foe. And for those who study its secrets, the Force offers… unlimited power."
Kallig, a Sith Inquisitor[1]

Sith Inquisitors were a class of powerful Force-wielders within the reconstituted Sith Empire, operating primarily within the upper echelons and political circles. In contrast to their counterparts, the Sith Warriors, Inquisitors specialized in Force abilities as opposed to martial might, and many would devote much time to researching new skills to survive in the cutthroat Sith political environment. Few acolytes succeeded in becoming Inquisitors. However, those that did proved to be the most determined.

On the battlefield, Inquisitors were a spectacle to behold, channeling vast amounts of Dark side Force energy to create massive storms of Force lightning, or draining the life force of enemies to feed themselves and their allies. However, most Inquisitors preferred a more manipulative operating style, being masters of exploiting both enemies and allies to further their own agendas.


"The true power of the dark side; it is claimed by many, but known by few."
Darth Nox[1]
Sith Inquisitor TOR

A Sith Inquisitor wielding a double-bladed lightsaber.

Sith Inquisitors operated in the political circle and upper echelons of Sith society, relying on their natural cunning and ambitious drive to succeed. The Inquisitor experimented with forbidden powers to not only survive in the cutthroat environment, but to excel and seize authority. The most formidable Inquisitors dared to explore unorthodox practices by investigating the enigmas of the past and by unlocking new powers for themselves. Due to their manipulative genius, Inquisitors were skilled at exploiting both their enemies and their allies to further their own personal agendas.[2]

Regardless of potential, few acolytes succeeded in facing the rigorous trials to become Sith Inquisitors. Only the most determined acolytes attained such an achievement, but these Sith were often the ones to watch. Though their skills were varied and many, Sith Inquisitors were most feared for their ability to channel the energy of the Force, making them a spectacle to behold on the battlefield. Channeling this Force energy, Inquisitors were capable of draining the life from their enemies and using it to feed themselves and their allies, and those who have experienced the sensation of the Inquisitor's Force lightning and survived forever recoil from the crackling sound of electricity.[2]

Weapons and apparel[]

Sith Doublesabers

A collection of Sith Doublesabers.

The clothing choices of Sith Inquisitors were often very calculated, with their elaborate robes designed to both illustrate their sophisticated tastes and desire for political domination, but also being practical and flexible to facilitate their stunning acrobatic movements in combat. Some Inquisitors had been known to take this desire for personal expression to the absolute limit, favoring attire designed to inspire sheer terror in those they come into contact with.[2] Sith Inquisitors often favored double-bladed lightsabers, or saberstaffs, in combat. In addition to wielding such an unorthodox weapon, Sith Inquisitors often utilized much more esoteric and customized models of such armament, especially in contrast to the more technical and pragmatic weapons favored by Sith Warriors, featuring such details as exposed crystal chambers or artificially-generated Force lightning running through the hilt.[3]

Combat tactics[]

Korriban duel now with lightning

The Inquisitor Vindican applies Force lightning in combat.

Expertise in conducting Force energies further allows Inquisitors to draw upon the life essence of themselves and others. This energy could be channeled to bolster their powers, harm their foes, and even to reinvigorate their allies. Inquisitors fought with unlimited fury to create a storm of destruction. An Inquisitor's skills with a lightsaber were equally impressive. Often wielding a double-bladed lightsaber, Inquisitors used quick, guileful, and lethal maneuvers to strike their enemies down with astonishing speed. Whether the Inquisitor wielded a lightsaber with lightning-sharp attacks, or just Force lightning itself, it was always a dazzling display of deadly energy.[2]


Sith sorcerer[]

The specialization of Sorcerer offered the greatest level of raw Force ability, as these adepts drew their power from the darkest corners of the Force, unleashing volatile energies that could wreak utter devastation against enemies. In addition to this, Sorcerers were capable of healing and bolstering their allies with these same abilities. With the very air around them crackling with energy, powerful Sorcerers had a reputation for torturous retaliations against those foolish enough to get in their way.[2]

Sith assassin[]

Whereas Sorcerers focused on raw power, Sith Assassins preferred a subtler approach. Speed and deception were their tools of the trade, relying on stealth tactics to infiltrate enemy ranks and remove high-profile targets. Even in open battle, Assassins were utterly deadly, relying on both tactical awareness and mind tricks to assault enemies both physically and mentally, manipulating a confrontation to ensure their side maintains the upper hand. While highly skilled with the saberstaff, their weapon of choice for both offense and defense, Assassins could channel the Force just as easily.[2]


Naga Sadow WotC

Naga Sadow, a powerful Sith Sorcerer and Dark Lord.

Sith adepts who specialized in Force powers were prevalent within their organizations and empires since the beginning, with notables such as Naga Sadow bearing the moniker of Sith sorcerer.[4] After the defeat of the Old Sith Empire in the Great Hyperspace War, the reformed Sith Empire reorganized such specialists into the Sith Inquisitor class, with the term "sorcerer" coming to refer to a specialization class within their ranks.[2]

However, while the new Empire established and rebuilt itself, Sith sorcerers with no affiliation to nor knowledge of them cropped up and terrorized various corners of the galaxy. Examples including Freedon Nadd and certain members of both the Onderonian and the Tetan monarchies.[5] However, the most notable such practitioner was Exar Kun, a fallen Jedi who was trained in Sith alchemy by Freedon Nadd and dubbed Dark Lord of the Sith by a gathering of Sith spirits led by Marka Ragnos.[6] Kun united the various other Sith practitioners and started the Great Sith War against the Republic, ravaging the galaxy and notably destroying the Jedi training world, Ossus, before being defeated.[7]

When the Sith Empire returned from the Unknown Regions and attacked the Republic, a notable Inquisitor involved in the initial engagement was Vindican.[8] Vindican and his apprentice, the Sith Warrior Malgus, led the assault on a Republic space station above Korriban, and crossed blades with Jedi Kao Cen Darach and Satele Shan, the first Sith to do so for centuries. Shan fled the battle, leaving Malgus and Vindican to contend with Darach. Wielding dual-lightsabers, Darach fended off the two Sith and subdued Vindican by impaling him. Malgus took up his master's lightsaber and killed Darach, before executing his master and assuming his mantle as Sith Lord.[9] During the Cold War, another prominent Inquisitor was Darth Chratis,[10] who was involved in the joint Republic/Sith assault on Sebaddon, to halt the destructive actions of the uncontrollable Hex droids. Chratis was overwhelmed by the machines after his apprentice gained control of them and turned on him.[11]

After the disappearance of the Sith Empire, the term "Inquisitor" largely faded from practice, with most substituting the older title of "Sorcerer". When the Rule of Two was enacted by Darth Bane, the terms "Inquisitor" or "Sorcerer" came to refer more to individual specializations rather than an overall class system, as there were only two Sith Lords at any one time.[12] A notable Sorcerer under the Rule of Two was Bane's apprentice, Darth Zannah.[13] When Darth Krayt abolished the Rule of Two and established his One Sith organization, he reformed the Inquisitors, with a notable member being the Iktotchi Darth Havok.

Behind the scenes[]

The Sith Inquisitor is a playable class in Star Wars: The Old Republic. It is one of two Force user classes aligned with the Sith Empire, along with the Sith Warrior. The class focuses on ranged Force powers such as Force lightning. The characters of Emperor Palpatine and Darth Maul are cited as inspirations for this class.[14] The advanced classes for the Sith Inquisitor are the Sith sorcerer and the Sith assassin.



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