A pair of the statues.

The Sith Jedi Statues were statues on Dromund Kaas, inside the Dark Force Temple. The Temple was once inhabited by the Prophets of the Dark Side, known practitioners of Sith alchemy.

The Jedi statues of the Sith were always motionless and steady, as with the temple's Sith statues, and held a lightsaber. Created as guardians against intruders, their stone bodies were animated by the Force when trespassers got too near, presumably through some sort of Sith magic. On alien presence, the lightsaber was ignited and they came to life like stone automatons to fight the intruder.

Any non-lightsaber wielder who met them was doomed since the Dark Force aura of the planet meddled with all mechanical weapons except lightsabers.

Behind the scenes[]

While the name Sith Jedi seems awkward, being an oxymoron, this is the production name of the enemy unit in the Mysteries of the Sith official site. There is not enough information on their origins or nature to challenge its naming.

The in-game statue models themselves were based visually on the Dark Jedi Yun and Jerec from Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II, using the same animations and similar textures.



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