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"It is your duty to learn what I know. It is my duty to learn what there is to teach."
―Darth Sidious, to his apprentice Darth Vader[src]

A Sith Master was any member of the Sith sect who instructed an apprentice in the ways of the dark side of the Force. Approximately a millennium before the Invasion of Naboo, the Sith nearly went extinct because of their infighting. As a consequence, the last survivor, Darth Bane, established the Rule of Two, which restructured the sect so that there could only be two Sith at a time, a master, and an apprentice.[3] In the last decades of the Galactic Republic, the Sith Master Darth Plagueis tutored an apprentice in the ways of the Sith. Darth Sidious subsequently managed to reach the highest echelons of democractic power before anointing himself Galactic Emperor.[4]


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