Sith Sabers

Sith Sabers during the Siege of Tahv

A Sith Saber, also known as a Sith Knight, was a rank in the Lost Tribe of Sith on the planet Kesh. Sith apprentices were promoted to the rank of Sith Saber after completing their formal training under a Master, making the rank equivalent to that of a Jedi Knight. When a member of the Tribe attained the rank of Saber, they were allowed to customize their robes and acquire possessions, privileges that were unavailable to apprentices.

25 years after the Tribe's arrival on Kesh, Jariad Korsin, a High Lord of the Tribe, gathered a group of Sith Sabers around him to help him and his mother to assassinate the Grand Lord. They were all killed by Nida Korsin and Gloyd.

Sith Sabers were also part of the Tribe's military and security forces under Grand Lord Varner Hilts. They were used against Force-sensitive enemies of the Tribe including rival Sith factions. Under Hilt's reforms, members of the Keshiri, a purple-skinned humanoid species indigenous to Kesh, were allowed to enlist in the Sith Sabers. During the Siege of Tahv, several Sith Sabers led by Grand Consort Iliana Hilts participated in the defense of the capital Tahv.

Vestara Khai's father, Gavar Khai, was a Sith Saber. Vestara Khai herself was promoted to the rank of Sith Saber during the Battle of Coruscant by High Lord Sashal.


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