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Korriban Valley TOR

The Sith Academy of Korriban.

Sith academies were areas established to train Sith. The Trayus Academy, Sith Arts Academy, and the Korriban academy were academies established by the Sith Empire and the Brotherhood of the Sith. The One Sith used the Temple of the Sith as its primary academy.

New Sith WarsEdit

During the New Sith Wars, academies were divided into four levels of student potential—Force sensitive Sith warriors and marauders were sent to some, potential Sith assassins and spies to other worlds that have allied with the Sith against the Republic, potential Sith Acolytes and adepts to others, with the academy on Korriban being reserved only for potential Sith Masters or Sith Lords. In the academy on Korriban, there were six students for each Master.

Sith Warriors or Marauders

Sith Assassins or Spies

Sith Adepts or Acolytes

Sith Masters or Lords

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