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Sith alchemy,[3] also known as the Force alchemy,[1] was the alchemical array of magical dark side techniques of the Force that was used by the Sith. Darth Sidious used Sith alchemy when he attempted to enter the World Between Worlds.[4] Sith scientists used Sith alchemy for Project Blackwing, an attempt to create immortality. The project ultimately resulted in a virus that resurrected the dead, and led to a widespread contamination.[5] The reforged Kylo Ren's helmet was strengthened through the use of Sith alchemy.[6]


The region containing the planet Aloxl was the site of ancient alchemical research sites.[7] Sith alchemists preformed rituals on the balcony of the Sith Pyramid at the Acablas vergence on the planet Auratera.[8]

During the Clone Wars, Darth Sidious and his apprentice Darth Tyranus used the technique to attack Master Yoda when he ventured to Moraband. Using Tyranus' relationship and his blood, Sidious and his apprentice were able to use their Force lightning to create an illusion for Yoda. They were unable to break Yoda and knew they needed more time to prepare.[2]


Sidious attempting to enter the World Between Worlds

During the Galactic Empire's excavation of Lothal's Jedi Temple, Sidious learned that Jedi Ezra Bridger had entered the World Between Worlds. Sidious was able to use his technique to peer inside the World Between Worlds where he saw Bridger and Ahsoka Tano inside the portal. Sidious attempted to enter the World, creating a blue flame to capture them. However, Ezra was able to return to Lothal while Ahsoka returned to Malachor.[4]

The Symeong Albrekh was a metalsmith who practiced Sith alchemy. He helped Kylo Ren repair his helmet with sarrassian iron in 35 ABY.[6]

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