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"Sith holocrons are keys that can open many doors."

Sith holocrons were devices used by the Sith that were capable of containing information. Although their function was similar to that of Jedi holocrons, they usually were pyramids or tetrahedrons, whilst the Jedi holocrons were of cuboid shape, and were accessible only to those who were able to control the dark side of the Force. The Jedi Order considered these to be some of the most dangerous artifacts in the galaxy. During the early rebellion against the Galactic Empire, Ezra Bridger found a Sith holocron inside the Sith temple on Malachor and kept it following the events there.


"Behold the key."
"It's a holocron."
"You know of them?"
"Yeah. My master has one, but it's different."
"Because this is a Sith holocron, one that holds all their secrets."
―Maul and Ezra Bridger[7]

Thousands of years before the Battle of Yavin, a Sith temple was constructed on Malachor along with a Sith holocron that could power the temple. The temple was used as an ancient superweapon. However, the Jedi soon became aware of this and began an attack against the temple. During the battle, the temple was activated, petrifying everything in its path, which created a massive dome over the structure. Before that, the knowledge of the Sith was hidden inside the holocron, which was stored underneath the temple inside a chamber behind doors that only could be opened with the use of the dark side of the Force, possibly to avoid the Jedi from obtaining it. Per the Sith teachings, it took two Force-users to pass the doors.[7]

On one of his early visits to Moraband, Darth Sidious discovered a massive Sith holocron. He eventually had it transported to Coruscant, where it became a part of his collection of Sith artifacts, which was first hidden in an abandoned tower, and then in the Grand Republic Medical Facility.[8]

A Sith holocron was seen in Dryden Vos's study in 10 BBY.[9]

During the age of the Galactic Empire, Master Yoda informed Padawan Ezra Bridger of Malachor's existence, who traveled there with with Ahsoka Tano and Kanan Jarrus as well as their droid Chopper.[7]

Once on the planet, it became evident that the Empire's Inquisitors were interested in Malachor and its secrets, as well as the former Sith Lord, Maul, who was stranded on Malachor years before. Ezra was separated from his friends and eventually met up with Maul. Joining forces, the two then proceeded to extract the hidden holocron from the heart of the Sith temple. However, Ezra and Maul soon met the Inquisitors and joined forces with Ahsoka and Kanan.[7]

Malachor Sith holocron

The Malachor holocron

Together, they were able to defeat the Inquisitors and Maul revealed his true intentions to activate the temple, take Ezra as his apprentice and destroy all of his enemies. However, he was defeated by Kanan who was blinded by Maul's lightsaber moments earlier. Maul managed to survive and steal one of the Inquisitors' TIE Advanced prototype fighters, fleeing Malachor.[7]

On the temple, as Ezra placed the holocron within an obelisk at the summit, he was greeted by a female voice who told him that the temple was a superweapon. Ezra realized that Maul tricked them but as Ezra tried warning Ahsoka and Kanan, the Sith Lord Darth Vader, atop his TIE Advanced, slowly descended from above. Surprised, Vader wondered how the apprentice was able to activate the temple. Dismissing Ezra, the Sith Lord stated that all that mattered now was that the power within would soon serve the Emperor.[7]

After breaking apart Ezra Bridger's lightsaber and preparing to execute the boy, Darth Vader was stopped by his former Padawan, Ahsoka. The two eventually engaged in a duel as Ezra tried to retrieve the holocron from the temple, but was unable to do so as another person was required. He eventually was found by Kanan, who was blinded by Maul. The two succeeded in taking back the holocron but because of this, the temple started to collapse. As the two Jedi headed back to the Phantom, they were intercepted by Vader. However, Ahsoka ran towards the Sith Lord from behind, knocking him down and slicing his mask. Kanan and Ezra made their way to the Phantom as Ahsoka held Vader off. While they fought, the temple collapsed over the dueling opponents.[7]

A large energy burst came out of the temple as the Phantom flew away from the planet. Now in the possession of Ezra, the holocron was unlocked with the use of the dark side.[7]

Over a period of months the holocron slowly corrupted Ezra Bridger, seducing him to the dark side and making him even more powerful against the Galactic Empire. His now blinded master, Kanan Jarrus, being concerned of the holocron's influence on Bridger, took it away from him. He later gave it to Bendu, a Force-sensitive being who claimed to represent the center of the Force, as a "gift" after he helped him see using the Force despite being physically blind.[4]

Sometime later, Maul captured and held hostage the crew of the Ghost. Maul demanded that Ezra and Kanan return the Sith holocron to him. After returning to Atollon and recovering the holocron from the Bendu, both Jedi met with Maul at an outpost. While Ezra went with Maul's droids to see his friends, Kanan went along with Maul, who tried to kill him by ejecting him into space through an airlock. The former Sith Lord, believing Kanan to be dead, told Ezra that if they used the Sith holocron with Jarrus' Jedi holocron they could gain knowledge about what they sought. Ezra wanted to know how they could destroy the Sith while Maul said that he was seeking hope. As they opened both the holocrons together, they saw a planet's stars and the continued survival of "him." Before they could learn more, Kanan, who had survived, stopped Ezra.[10] On stopping the process both the holocrons were fragmented.[5]

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When inverted, the Aurebesh inscription in the image above reads, "In umbris potestas est," which is Latin for, "In the shadows, there is power."


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