"It's an incredible fleet! Tens of thousands of ships!"
―Coruscant defender[src]

Following his ascension to Dark Lord of the Sith in 5000 BBY, Naga Sadow assembled a massive armada of warships with which he planned to invade the Galactic Republic. Sadow then led the Sith invasion fleet in what was known as the Great Hyperspace War. After facing defeat at the hands of the Republic, Naga Sadow returned the fleet to Korriban in hopes of rebuilding, but was met by the newly anointed Dark Lord Ludo Kressh, who exiled him and his forces from the Sith Empire when Sadow refused to surrender. Not accepting his exile, Sadow sacrificed several of his remaining ships to defeat Kressh's forces. With much of the fleet gone, it was a Pyrrhic victory, such that by the time the Republic and Jedi Order caught up to Sadow and his fleet the sole remaining ship was forced to rout.

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