A Sith sarcophagus was a coffin that contained the physical remains of a deceased Sith sorcerer. These sarcophagi were often found at the center of Sith burial chambers, and resonated with potent dark side energies. The sarcophagus served as a source of power for the deceased's spirit, and disturbing the crypt would often result in the spirit manifesting itself. Prolonged exposure to the potent energies emanating from the sarcophagus caused individuals to embrace their angers, fears, and aggressions, and eventually that being would only be able to call upon the dark side if they tried to manipulate the Force.

Ajunta Pall's Sarcophagus[edit | edit source]

The Tomb of Ajunta Pall was located in the Valley of the Dark Lords on the planet Korriban. In his quest for the Star Forge, Revan ventured deep into this tomb and encountered Ajunta Pall's sarcophagus, finding three swords inside. Ajunta Pall's Force Spirit was suddenly woken from this disturbance and began to communicate with Revan. He commanded Revan to place his sword in a statue so his soul could rest, but, being dormant for so long, Ajunta Pall could not remember which of the three swords were his. He warned Revan that placing the wrong sword in the statue would have disastrous results. Revan placed the silver lined sword in the statue and it fit perfectly. Ajunta Pall spoke further with Revan, mourning his past life as a Sith, explaining that he and his brothers had destroyed each other in their thirst for power. Revan offered him a last chance at redemption and Pall accepted, putting his soul at peace.

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