"This appears to be a collection of magical formulas"
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A Sith spellbook or grimoire was a transcript that was usually prepared by an individual well versed in Sith lore, and contained the spells, rituals, and incantations necessary for conjuring Sith magic.

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The use of Sith spellbooks dates back as early as the ancient Sith Empire of such Dark Lords as Marka Ragnos, and the Sith sorcerer Naga Sadow. Lord Sadow had many precious Sith artifacts in his possession, one of which was a Sith spellbook, who he in turn gave to his apprentice, Gav Daragon. Daragon studied the book's contents while "training" under Sadow on the Sith Lord's private fortress-moon of Khar Shian.[1]

The ancient Dark Lord of the Sith Freedon Nadd was known to have transcribed a Sith spellbook. Nadd even went so far as to record his spells within his own holocron.[4] Nadd's holocron, along with his collection of precious artifacts of the Sith was eventually inherited by his direct descendant, the sorcerer-King Ommin. As ruler of the planet Onderon, Ommin mastered the dark side knowledge of Freedon Nadd's treasures, and employed his newly-harnessed power during his reign over the citizens of the planet.[3]

In the year 3998 BBY, two young aristocrats from the Empress Teta system named Satal and Aleema Keto also came to possess a Sith spellbook when they stole one from the Museum of Dark Side Antiquities on Coruscant. It was written in the Sith, and since the Ketos were unable to decipher it, they traveled to Onderon after learning of potential darksiders who could.[2] They eventually met up with King Ommin, who gave Satal an amulet that allowed him to completely understand the ancient Sith writings. When King Ommin died during the Second Battle of Onderon in 3998 BBY, all of his treasures, including his spellbooks, were gifted by Freedon Nadd to the Ketos, whom he then proceeded to instruct further in the art of Sith magic, and in Sith teachings in general.[9]

Roughly three thousand years later, a new Dark Lord of the Sith came into possession of Sith spells, and so transcribed them into text. Darth Bane, the only Dark Lord of the Sith to have survived the New Sith Wars, was guided to the Tomb of Freedon Nadd during his search for knowledge regarding the creation of holocrons. He successfully penetrated the chamber within the Tomb that housed Nadd's own holocron, and after studying the device for many days, found that within were spells for harnessing the intricacies of Sith sorcery. Because Bane himself was not attuned to Sith sorcery, he transcribed the holocron's data into a spellbook, and presented it to his apprentice Darth Zannah.[4]

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