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During the New Sith Wars, a new version of Sith troopers were used by various Sith factions such as the Daimanate,[2] the Odionate[2] and the Brotherhood of Darkness.[1]


Sith troopers were in use by 2000 BBY, following the emergence of the New Sith Empire during the New Sith Wars, similar to the Sith troopers who served the Sith Empire during the Jedi Civil War and the Sith troopers of Emperor Vitiate's Sith Empire.[1] Sith Lord Daiman used troopers as the bulk of the Daimanate's infantry. During the time of Darth Bane in the last decade of the New Sith Wars, Sith troopers were used by the Brotherhood of Darkness as the bulk of infantry forces during the Brotherhoods ground and space campaigns. Their ranks were comprised of poor or desperate beings who felt that the Republic had abandoned their cause while others were mercenaries and bounty hunters hired to fight in the wars.[2]


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