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Sith trooper armor was the armor used by Sith troopers, the soldiers of the Sith Eternal. It was similar to the armor worn by First Order stormtroopers, except that it was red instead of white. The color change was designed to evoke images of blood and Sith lightsabers. Furthermore, Sith trooper armor was made from gammaplast instead of the betaplast used in the construction of First Order stormtrooper armor.[1]

Like First Order and Imperial stormtrooper armor, Sith trooper armor was worn over a black, corrugated body glove. The armor was composed of four layers, which improved its strength, and a number of "faceted angles" that helped to redirect blaster bolts. Its overall design featured a number of technological assets, such as a shoulder-mounted sensor telemetry pod, a data antenna, targeting sensors, a filtration system, and a data storage module. It also had a number of anisotropic bands that increased the armor's surface area, thereby decreasing the damage sustained by impacts.[1]

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