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"Who designed those Sith uniforms? A blind Rodian with a sick sense of humor?"
―Mission Vao to her captor[src]

Sith trooper armor was the distinctive suit of armor worn by the Sith troopers of Darth Revan and Darth Malak's Sith Empire and later Sith Empires. With its reflective styling and black face mask, it proved an intimidating part of the Sith war effort against the Galactic Republic. When the war ended, the armor would continue to see use by remnants of the Sith Empire during the Dark Wars, commanded by the Sith Triumvirate of Darths Traya, Sion and Nihilus. Sith troopers with different armor were later employed during the Great Galactic War and the New Sith Wars.


A Sith trooper during the Great Galactic War

The armor, while bearing the same level of protection and functionality as that utilized by the forces of the Galactic Republic during the Jedi Civil War, was designed specifically to induce fear in opponents. The armor casing, made up of several plates of hard material over a black body glove, was emphasized; the trooper's face was completely obscured from view by a one-way visor, creating the impression of a faceless enemy (a disturbing attribute when the wearer spoke). Though the vast majority of Sith troopers wore armor that bore a distinctive reflective silver sheen, higher ranks were denoted by armor that was painted in a semi-gloss crimson hue.[1] This organizational approach would continue within the Sith remnants commanded by the Sith Triumvirate of Darths Traya, Sion, and Nihilus during the First Jedi Purge, with elite commandos outfitted in copper version of the armor.[2] Sith Troopers of the Triumvirate's armor where later seen during the Great Galactic War.


Created for the troops of the Sith Empire by the new Dark Lord of the Sith, a former Jedi Knight named Revan, the armor would see widespread use throughout the pan-galactic conflict as veterans of the Mandalorian Wars, bolstered by volunteers from numerous conquered worlds, waged war against the Republic. When Darth Malak took over the conduct of the war following the capture of Revan by the Jedi Order, the war, and use of this type of armor, continued. When the amnesiac Revan, along with Republic officer Carth Onasi ended up on the Sith-occupied planet of Taris after the Endar Spire was destroyed, they were forced to steal a set of Sith trooper armor in order to access the Lower City. After arriving via elevator, they were subsequently set upon by a number of belligerent Black Vulkar swoop gang members. The armor was later traded away to Hidden Bek gang leader Gadon Thek in return for authorization papers that would allow Revan and Carth access to the Undercity.[1]

During the First Jedi Purge, the Sith Triumvirate gathered together many remnants of Revan's old Sith Empire, including many troopers who had retained their armor. Sith Commandos, an elite offshoot of the regular trooper ranks that served aboard warships such as the Ravager, Darth Nihilus' flagship, were distinguished by their reflective copper-colored armor.[2]

Sith troopers were also a part of Imperial Military of the Sith Empire during the Great Galactic War and the Cold War. They wore black armor with red stripes on their helmets and shoulderpads.[3]

Sith troopers and trooper commanders of Daimanate

During the New Sith Wars most of Daimanate's Sith troopers wore dark blue armor with red dots on their helmets, while Sith trooper commanders had red stripes on their armor. A presumed leader of Daiman's Sith troopers wore scarlet red armor.[5]

Behind the scenes[]

Sith trooper armor concept art.

Sith trooper armor was first introduced in the computer and video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic developed by BioWare, and again in its sequel, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords.

The suit of Sith armor acquired by the player in the Taris segment of the story within the first game effects a number of minor changes in the dialogue of many minor characters. While dressed in the armor, the player is indistinguishable from occupying Sith forces. Like all other troopers wearing the armor and thus considered "on duty", the player is not allowed to enter the Upper City Cantina, Javyar's Cantina, or the Hidden Beks' base, though in the latter case this is due to Bek hostility rather than Sith policy. The player is also treated as though he or she were a member of the occupying force by ordinary citizens, who will act deferentially; in addition, patrolling Sith soldiers in the Upper City will grumble idly about "patrol duty".[1] The trade with Thek of the armor in exchange for authorization papers is required in order to advance the plot. However, it is possible to perform a glitch to keep the armor, but still get the papers from Gadon. All that is needed to do is to put the armor on Carth, then remove him from the party. Proceed to Gadon and get the papers, then add Carth back to the party. Strip Carth of his Sith armor and put it on, and you can wear it for the rest of the game, though it will automatically be removed from your inventory once you've arrived on Dantooine, along with any other Taris quest items.[6]



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