Sithisis is a 14-page dialogue-less non-canon comic featured in Star Wars: Visionaries, written and drawn by Derek Thompson.

Plot summary[]

Darth Sidious

Darth Sidious performs an arcane and horrifying Sith ritual where he summons a worm-like creature from inside a holocron, eats it, and casts Force lightning on a large crystal, causing a storm on Coruscant, filling the Jedi with unease and fear, as well as fueling Anakin Skywalker's lust for power. All the while he wallows and writhes in the dark side's embrace, shaping the very fate of the galaxy. A similar but enormous worm-like creature bursts from the holocron and devours Sidious. The ritual ends abruptly with the Sith Lord reducing the worm to dust, and he emerges from his chamber and goes through a procession of Red Guards, giving off the calm and friendly image of the Chancellor.


Behind the scenes[]

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"I wanted to explore an intimate and unseen aspect of Sith ritual, and I liked the idea of seeing just what Sidious does before he becomes Palpatine for the last time. I always found his character fascinating and felt that a glimpse behind the veil of his secrecy would be cool to see."
Derek Thompson[1]

Thompson's experience behind the development curtain gave him a unique outlook on the Star Wars universe, which he applied to his Visionaries assignment. Having regular interactions with George Lucas during the writing and development process gave him greater understanding on the events in the upcoming film, which he was able to layer into his piece.[2]

Prior to starting Sithisis, Jonathan W. Rinzler arranged a 45-minute telephone interview for Thompson with Darth Sidious actor Ian McDiarmid.[2]


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