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"Sithmas Battle" is a non-canon LEGO short that aired online on November 5, 2020.

Official description[edit | edit source]

Poe Dameron and his squad of X-wing fighters face-off with TIE fighters in an epic holiday light show battle! Hilarity ensues.[1]

Plot summary[edit | edit source]

Poe's X-wing, mere moments before being crashed into by a TIE dagger

Poe Dameron is flying his X-wing fighter past a planet with R2-D2 as his astromech assist, listening to festive music. Suddenly, a Sith TIE dagger comes out of hyperspace, bumping into Dameron's starfighter. The pilot of the fighter faces Dameron and begins to flash the lights of his TIE, as well as playing holiday–themed music, dancing to it as it plays.

Poe's X-wing is overshadowed by a Star Destroyer

Dameron responds by playing a different festive song while locking and unlocking his S-foils to make it appear that his X-wing is dancing. The TIE pilot counters by bringing in a Star Destroyer, which itself carries many more TIE daggers. These TIEs form a snowflake around the original as they all flash their lights. Dameron also brigns in more fighter; for him, T-70 X-wing starfighters. Both groups of fighters fly in formations that resember holiday–themed items such as a gift box, a candy cane, a wreath, and more, until the X-wings form a stocking that kicks away the TIE daggers.

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