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"Although the Force can be used to create terrifying illusions, it is sometimes more satisfying to create actual creatures that are willing and eager to shred and devour one's enemies on command."
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Sithspawn mutants, originally a Twi'lek, Mon Calamari, Gamorrean and Wookiee.

Sithspawn were creatures altered by Sith alchemy for use by the Sith Order. Using genetic engineering together with the dark side of the Force, Sithspawn were remade to be more brutal, more cunning, and, in some cases, more intelligent.

Notable Sithspawn included the Massassi caste of the Sith species, Exar Kun's Terentatek monsters and Battle hydras, the reborn Emperor Palpatine's Chrysalide rancors, Leviathans, Swamp wampa, mutated Noghri, Smoke Demons, Dart flowers, the two Dark Jedi Gorc and Pic, Tenebrae's Monoliths, and, believed to be the worst Sith abominations, Technobeasts. They could fight with chain manipulation and could have offspring as well.

The darkstaff, an ancient Sith artifact, had the power to turn creatures into Sithspawn, and in about 19 BBY, the Human Len Markus used the staff to mutate some Mulissiki on the planet Cularin.[2]

"Sithspawn" was also used as a swear word.[3] It could also be used as a metaphor for a contemptible person (e.g. "He's the Sithspawn who gave us up to the Imps")[4] or to emphasize a statement (e.g. "nervous as Sithspawn").[3]


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