"My most famous neighbor is the one people know the least about. They call him the Sitter."
―Rey, in her private journal[src]

The Sitter was a human male that lived on Jakku during the events of the cold war.[1]

He sat atop a pillar near the Pilgrim's Road nearly in the shadow of Carbon Ridge. He was the only noticeable thing for kilometers upon his roost. He would ascend the pillar at sunrise and descend it at sundown. For the entirety of the day, he would sit on the pillar cross-legged without moving. As far as locals were aware, he never spoke, despite attracting a crowd of crazy people beneath his pillar who thought he was a prophet. When bothered by people, a Teedo would show up and chase them away. Subsequently, the Teedos brought the Sitter spinebarrel flesh, nightbloomer rind, and water to stay alive.[1]


The Sitter was described by Rey in her journal as looking skinny, tiny, and ancient, dressed in rags bleached by the sun.[1]



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