Siv was a human female member of the Scyre, a clan native to the planet Parnassos. She accompanied Phasma, Torben, Carr, HF-0518, PT-2445, LE-2003 and Gosta to help Brendol Hux return to his ship after he crash landed it on their homeworld. After being abandoned by Phasma and the First Order, Siv gave birth to a daughter named Torbi. The two lived in a Con Star facility for about ten years until Vi Moradi landed on the planet to investigate Captain Phasma's past. Siv told Moradi her story, and it was later relayed to Captain Cardinal.


Siv was born on Parnassos in the Scyre, a rock dwelling tribe. She was taught by her mother how to extract the essence of dead creatures using a detraxor, and, when her mother died, Siv took on the responsibility of using the essence to make oracle salve. When Brendol Hux's ship crashed, Siv was on the team to bring him back to it in exchange for the First Order helping her people. She was one of the few to survive the mission, but Phasma and Hux would not take her along on his rescue ship as expected. She got radiation sickness from their journey into the dead lands and had to go to a Con Star medbay in Calliope Station to be healed. Siv was pregnant at the time from a previous relationship with Keldo or Torben and worried that the radiation would harm the baby. It did not, however, and the child, later named Torbi, was fine. Siv and Torbi lived there for 10 standard years, until Vi Moradi found them and promised that she would come back as soon as she could, as she was on an intelligence gathering mission about Captain Phasma, and could not bring them back to the Resistance in her single seat starship.[1]

Skills and abilities

Born on Parnassos, Siv was adept at climbing and knew how to extract the essence of a dead being, and turn it into oracle salve. This was taught to her by her mother, who died and passed the responsibility on to Siv.

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Behind the scenes

Siv first appeared in the 2017 novel Phasma.[1] She was later pictured during a flashback sequence in the third issue of the miniseries Star Wars: Captain Phasma.[2]


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