Sival Brentioch was the seneschal of House Brentioch on Brentaal circa 3700 BBY. Over the course of time, he disguised himself as Arhul Habea, an errand boy for the house, and fell in love with the daughter of House Kallea, Freia Kallea. Upon hearing her devotion to traveling the stars, Sival secretly arranged things for Freia using his family wealth. Sival provided her with the scoutship Hope and a commission to piece together the unnavigable strands between their home world and the Rim.

After she blazed a path through one side of the galaxy, he decided to reveal his true identity, but was prevented when she refused to hold a meeting with him. Under disguise, Sival as Arhul queried Freia what was next for her, to which she responded that for a woman of Brentaal, finding a safe route across half the galaxy was not enough. Freia would then attempt to do the same for the other half.

As she traveled to Denon and beyond, Sival pined for her as he heard more about her explorations and discoveries. After being imprisoned on Malastare, and freed by Banu Hydia, Freia returned to Brentaal again. Sival meets with Freia and urged her to retire, but to refusal. Sival also decided against revealing his identity as Arhul, though with debate. After Freia disappeared for six years and was officially declared dead, the result of crash landing on Nuvar, Sival never gave up, believing her to still be alive.

Sival remained unaware that Banu rescued Freia from Nuvar and that she was secretly monitoring him and her family to see if they still mourned her. After Freia planned to lure the Neimoidians Thoax and Farge Osaax to Imynusoph, Banu told Sival that she was still alive. During the battle on Imynusoph, Sival arrived with a fleet from Brentaal, which prevented the Neimoidians and their henchmen to escape. As he and Freia tended to a dying Banu, Sival revealed himself as her benefactor and her friend Arhul. They returned to Brentaal to bury Banu and marry. The new trade route was named in Banu Hydia's memory.


The Kallea Cycle

The Kallea Cycle: Vessa Brentioch as Freia Kallea and Gelod Vothran as Sival Brentioch.

While a historical individual, Sival Brentioch was also a primary character in Trebian Shullos's opera The Kallea Cycle. The character's popularity led to the name "Arhul" becoming a favored one for children. During the opera's premiere on 38:2:13 on Brentaal, Sival was played by Gelod Vothran.

Historians and Imperial archivists believed that the opera stretched the truth in some areas, questioning the belief that Sival ever hid his identity or his role as Freia's benefactor.


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