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During the Battle of Thule, Jedi Anakin Skywalker was tasked with powering down a shield generator complex on the moon Sivvi of the planet Thule. The shield prevented any assault on Thule, and was kept operational via charger couplings spread around the perimeter of the generator.


The generator itself was mounted on an elevated base with four charger couplings arranged around the perimeter of the base. Inside were turrets for defensive measures, along with an array of spider droids, AATs, GATs, Hailfire droids, and NR-N99 droid enforcers.[2]

Outside the walled facility were two tower turrets guarding the gate. Several meters out were four platforms, two on each side, extending over deep craters with reactors positioned on them.[2]


With Republic fleets rapidly converging in on the system, the campaign was split into three phases. Skywalker spearheaded the first phase, in which his forces were tasked with landing on the moon and eliminating the generator so that it would allow clone forces to deploy on Thule. Upon landing from an Acclamator-class assault ship, Skywalker's task force was promptly detected by the Separatist and fiercely engaged by waves of droid craft.[1]

With the initial waves defeated, a convoy of Republic Troop Transports carrying clone engineers debarked from the assault ship and began their course for the complex. Skywalker, accompanied by his squadmates Bravo 3 and Bravo 4, mobilized to escort the transports along the way - meeting heavy resistance and losing at least one convoy unit along the way to enemy artillery.[1]

Reaching the perimeter, the engineers breached the wall of the facility, allowing Skywalker inside with his All Terrain Experimental Transport. Dispatching groups of spider droids, AATs and turrets, Skywalker blasted his way through several walls in his path before navigating through a decline that brought him into view of the charger couplings. Separatist forces attempted to stop his onslaught with additional tanks and hailfire droids, but failed to do so. Following the destruction of all four charger couplings, the generator ceased enveloping Thule with its protective shield - completing the first phase of the mission. Republic forces in the area then departed for Thule to join masters Mace Windu and Obi-wan Kenobi.[1]



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